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26 Nov 2009 Virtualizing Enterprise Application Infrastructure with Sun CMT Technology [22539]
A Clear Path to Increased ROI

"Virtualizing Enterprise Application Infrastructure with Sun Chip Multithreading (CMT) Technology Using Sun's Built-in, No-cost Virtualization Technologies to Dramatically Increase ROI" is the long title of a relatively brief (16 pages) Sun white paper. The authors write that IT managers, drive to lower both capital and operating expenditures while increasing capacity for more application services and growing markets must determine ways to reduce both the number and complexity of the systems in the corporate infrastructure. These managers must simultaneously deliver increasing performance, capacity, and security.
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12 Nov 2009 Managing Mixed Environments with Sun Ops Center 2.5 [22522]
Don't Let Virtualization Get Out of Hand

To be sure, virtualization cuts real estate costs drastically since the practice eliminates the need for incremental growth of datacenters. But, if users create one virtual machine after another, they are doing little to ease the task of provisioning, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing workload performance across both their remaining physical and growing virtual resources. That's where Sun Ops Center 2.5 comes in handy, as Jean Bozman, Gary Chen and Mary Turner point out in their brief IDC paper, "Sun Ops Center 2.5: Managing Mixed Environments in Virtualized Sun Infrastructure."
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03 Nov 2009 More Details on Sun Ops Center 2.5 [22481]
Highlights of the Latest Features, Resources

Get more details on the September announced new release Sun Ops Center 2.5, which introduces several new features involving Solaris Zones, Logical Domains (LDoms), Storage Library Management, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Windows patching, Live Upgrade, installation and deployment, smart groups, Enterprise Controller, enhanced upgrade experience, and more browser support.
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02 Nov 2009 Solaris News Bites [22537]
Short Items of Interest for Solaris Users

  • Solaris 10 10/09 Patch Bundle Available
  • DTrace Quick Start Guide
  • ZFS Now Offers Built-in Deduplication
  • ZFS Deduplication Features in PSARC
  • ZFS: Changing The Way You Look at Storage
  • Tuning ZFS for Sun Storage F5100 Array
  • How to 4k Align Flash on Solaris x86
  • pkgin and 5,000 Packages for Solaris 10/x86
  • Can Your x86 System Run Solaris 10?
  • Multiple LDom vdisks With the Same Backend
  • Installing Native and Branded Zones
  • Automated Backups With Inserted USB Disk/Memory Drive
  • Using Solaris Live Upgrade to Move From Solaris 8
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20 Oct 2009 Logical Domains Security Questions Answered [22401]
Covers CPU, Memory, Virtual Network -Disks-Console, and More

Logical Domains (LDoms) provide built-in and no-cost virtualization capabilities for Sun Chip Multithreading (CMT) Servers, and many are considering implementing it as part of a virtualization strategy. But what about security? Sun's Jim Laurent recently had to address this question with a federal government customer and decided to share his findings.
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