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16 Apr 2010 Oracle Enterprise Ops Center 2.5 Update 3 [23043]
Offers Performance Gains, Support of IPMP Networking, Over 50 Bug Fixes

Update 3 of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center was released on April 7. Steve Wilson reported on his blog that this release adds substantial performance improvements, support of IPMP networking with Solaris Container management, and more than 50 bug fixes. Another change worth mentioning is this upgrade will turn Sun Ops Center into Oracle Enterprise Ops Center. Wilson warns all former Sun Ops Center users not to fear, and offers a screen-shot preview as reassurance. This latest release can be used to update all Ops Center 2.5 software versions.
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01 Apr 2010 Monitoring and Graphing Performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and LDOMs [22972]
With Halcyon Neuron Agent's New Solaris Zones Statistics

Those interested in monitoring and graphing the performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and Logical Domains (LDOMs - now known as the Oracle VM Server for SPARC) can now proactively generate alarms/events when critical problems occur with the lightweight standalone Halcyon Neuron Agent. The Neuron Agent now includes a new monitored property labeled "Solaris Zone Statistics that proactively monitors the CPU and Memory utilization of each zone in addition to the number of processes running inside the zone. Screenshots shots are available.
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18 Mar 2010 Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Released [22952]
A Platform for Making Use of Physical and Virtual Sun Environments

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is the newest addition in the Oracle Enterprise Manager family. It is used to manage both physical and virtual systems, and manages across the entire system lifecycle from discovery to provisioning, updating, monitoring and management.
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12 Mar 2010 Oracle Announces Some of Its Bets [22893]
Emphasis Is Strong on Virtualization Solutions

There have been many questions raised recently about which of Sun's products will have a life after Oracle. Some of these questions are answered in the post "The Oracle VM Product Line Welcomes Sun!" by Adam Hawley, who writes, "We are tremendously excited to combine our portfolios and work side-by-side with our extremely talented Sun brethren to advance the state-of-the art in virtualization."
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26 Jan 2010 Sun BluePrints: "LDoms I/O Best Practices" [22736]
Configuring Highly Available Paths from Sun LDoms Guest Domains to Storage

The Sun BluePrints article "LDoms I/O Best Practices - Storage Availability with Logical Domains" by Peter A. Wilson discusses the approaches and trade-offs for configuring highly available paths from Sun Logical Domains (LDoms) guest domains to storage. Topics include I/O availability, multipath I/O with Solaris OS MPxIO, multipath I/O with virtual I/O failover, virtual I/O failover and network file storage, and multipath I/O to network file storage with virtual I/O failover.
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