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03 Jun 2010 Virtualizing Applications on Oracle Solaris [23124]
An Oracle Tech Days Presentation

During the Oracle Tech Days held in Hyderabad, India, on March 2010, Mayuresh Nirhali in Solaris Revenue Product Engineering presented "Virtualizating Your Applications." In the replay of this session, viewers will get an introduction to basic virtualization concepts and an overview of the built-in alternatives the OpenSolaris OS offers, including Containers, VirtualBox software, the OpenSolaris xVM hypervisor, and LDoms, now known as Oracle VM Server for SPARC. In this presentation, Nirhali compares the capabilities of the various alternatives, showing their trade-offs and providing a basis for deciding when to choose one or the other.
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24 May 2010 Using Dynamic Resource Management in Oracle VM Server for SPARC [23139]
Defining Three Policies for Three Logical Domains

Orgad Kimchi has penned a five-page article on using the Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly called Sun Logical Domains or LDoms) version 1.3 Dynamic Resource Management (DRM) for allocating CPUs resources based on workload and pre-defined polices. This technical paper defines three policies for three logical domains, offering commands for managing a policy along with the specific add-policy commands for each logical domain and how to enable them.
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26 Apr 2010 Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Integrates Sun Systems [23085]
An Integrated Approach to IT Management for the Complete Oracle Stack

The system management software platform Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g launched April 22, promises to mitigate the complexity of data centers by allowing system administrators to manage Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle’s Sun Servers. This type of management of the Oracle stack will help system administrators more efficiently identify root cause and, in many cases, automatically resolve issues, the company claims.
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16 Apr 2010 Oracle Enterprise Ops Center 2.5 Update 3 [23043]
Offers Performance Gains, Support of IPMP Networking, Over 50 Bug Fixes

Update 3 of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center was released on April 7. Steve Wilson reported on his blog that this release adds substantial performance improvements, support of IPMP networking with Solaris Container management, and more than 50 bug fixes. Another change worth mentioning is this upgrade will turn Sun Ops Center into Oracle Enterprise Ops Center. Wilson warns all former Sun Ops Center users not to fear, and offers a screen-shot preview as reassurance. This latest release can be used to update all Ops Center 2.5 software versions.
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01 Apr 2010 Monitoring and Graphing Performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and LDOMs [22972]
With Halcyon Neuron Agent's New Solaris Zones Statistics

Those interested in monitoring and graphing the performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and Logical Domains (LDOMs - now known as the Oracle VM Server for SPARC) can now proactively generate alarms/events when critical problems occur with the lightweight standalone Halcyon Neuron Agent. The Neuron Agent now includes a new monitored property labeled "Solaris Zone Statistics that proactively monitors the CPU and Memory utilization of each zone in addition to the number of processes running inside the zone. Screenshots shots are available.
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