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13 Sep 2012 Secure Deployment of Oracle VM Server for SPARC [27612]
Revised Edition Prompted by SPARC T4-4

Stefan Hinker announces a revised version of his earlier paper, "Secure Deployment of Oracle VM Server for SPARC." The revision, he writes, was prompted by the novel hardware partitioning capabilities of the Oracle SPARC T4-4, which assigns full PCIe root complexes to domains, mimicking dynamic system domains. Hinker makes clear his intention, which was to address only those configuration options directly related to that platform and to virtualization. Hinker's Oracle technical white paper is downloadable as a pdf at the link above.
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18 Jul 2012 Some Better Disk Backend Choices [26950]
What's Up with LDoms, Part 3

In "What's Up with LDoms,Part 3" Stefan Hinker looks at disk backend choices, reminding readers that, in his earlier postings, he had used a ZFS volume as a backend for the boot disk of mars. In this segment, Hinker examines some of the other ways to store the data of virtual disks. These include physical LUNs, in any variant that the Control Domain supports, including SAN, iSCSI, SAS, and the internal disks of the host system; Logical Volumes like ZFS Volumes, but also SVM or VxVM; Regular Files, which can be stored in any filesystem accessible by the LDoms subsystem.
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12 Jul 2012 What's up with LDoms: Part 2 [26849]
Creating a first, simple guest

In part one of his LDoms series Stefan Hinker discussed the basic concepts of LDoms and configuring a simple control domain. In part two Hinker creates a simple guest domain, creating the network port by attaching a virtual network port to the vswitch that was created in the primary domain. For the boot disk, we'll need two things: A physical piece of storage to hold the data, called the backend device in LDoms speak. And then a mapping between that storage and the guest domain, giving it access to that virtual disk using a ZFS volume for the backend.
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05 Jul 2012 What's up with LDoms: Part 1 - Introduction & Basic Concepts [26797]
Stefan Hinker Updates the Documentation on Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Stefan Hinker has launched a primer series updating the earlier LDoms Admin Guide and Tony Shoumack's 2007 "Beginner's Guide to LDoms" in which he explains how hypervisors running on x86 hardware differ from those embedded in SPARC firmware, which is to economize on the number of OS threads assigned to CPUs in order to concentrate on their principal function: maintaining isolation between guests. Hinker demonstrates the configuration of the control domain and the freeing up of considerable amounts of CPU and RAM for guest systems while also creating the necessary infrastructure that allows guests system interaction with the outside world.
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30 May 2012 Solaris 11 VNICs on SR-IOV Virtual Functions [26455]
Creating VNICs on Top of VF Devices for Bare-metal-like Performance

A post on Raghuram Kothakota's blog shows how, in three simple steps, one can configure a Virtual Function (VF) so that VNICs can be created on top of the VF device. This done, it becomes possible for an OVM Server for SPARC (aka LDoms) 2.2 to provide support for an SR-IOV VF that can be assigned to a Logical Domain. This VF will provide bare-metal-like performance, the post asserts, and then goes on to outline the three simple steps.
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