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08 Aug 2015 OpenLDAP + TLS in Solaris 11 [44996]
By Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson writes, "This blog post serves as a followup to Configuring a Basic LDAP Server + Client in Solaris 11. It covers creating self-signed certificates and enabling TLS for secure communication..."
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15 Jul 2015 Samba 4.2.3 Available [44379]
It Runs on Linux, July 15th, 2015

"Version 4.2.3 is the latest stable release of Samba and is available for download. Samba is an open-source software solution for accessing shared Windows folders over a network.

This release fixes over 40 issues discovered by the Samba development team, or reported by the users. Samba 4.2.3 adds IPv6 support to the Active Directory Server client side to which LDAP connects. Another new feature is SMB3 encryption and GnuTLS 3.4 is now supported..."
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16 Feb 2015 Security Configuration in LDAP Adapter [40937]
Oracle Adapter for LDAP is a JCA resource adapte

Anuj Kaushal writes, "In this post we'll discuss the various security options that are available as part of the LDAP Adapter configuration. Oracle Adapter for LDAP is a JCA resource adapter that provides bi-directional connectivity with LDAP v3 compliant directory servers*.

To be able to perform LDAP Operations, the adapter needs to establish a connection to communicate with a target LDAP directory server. For this, it is required to configure the resource adapter connection properties which will be used by the adapter to connect to the directory server..."
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22 Jan 2015 Why Customers Should Upgrade Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) to Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) [40462]
By Forest Yin

Forest Yin writes, "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the foundation of Identity Management. LDAP directories are designed to store identity and policy information and provide runtime access to that information. Oracle's Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) is the most widely deployed directory in the industry with thousands of production deployments. Some customer deployments include hundreds of millions of entries and even over a billion entries for a single deployment..."
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21 Jul 2014 Ops Center Version 12.2.1 Released [37488]
Performance and Feature Improvements

"There are a number of improvements in this version. The big ones are:

  • Support for discovering x86 64-bit Oracle Sun X4-8 servers through the ILOM SP.
  • Additional options for adding users from an external LDAP, using characteristics like full name or email addresses as Ops Center user names.
  • Audit logs let admins track Ops Center jobs, user logins, and changes to a user's roles.
  • A generic CPU architecture lets you migrate logical domains between systems with different architectures.

We've also made a number of performance enhancements - cutting the start-up times for several parts of Ops Center - and a number of bug fixes. You can find the full listing of what's new here..."
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