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09 Feb 2016 When Should I Buy Readzilla/L2ARC? [49852]
To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?

Matthew blogs, "Like every page in the Storage Ops blog, my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle or its affiliates. And quite frankly, while I have plenty of operational experience with this stuff, I write in large part so I can better understand what it is I'm writing about!

To L2ARC or not to L2ARC?

This is one of the most challenging, data-dependent questions I receive on a routine basis. I'll try to outline a few general principles below -- and a little math -- to help one decide whether or not to buy "Read Cache SSD" (Readzilla or L2ARC SSD) for your Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. To end up persisting very long in L2ARC, blocks have a few hurdles to overcome. Rather than re-hashing them fully here, I'll summarize two important parts of the balancing act, then refer you over to the Solaris L2ARC Eligibility Rules:.."
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28 Apr 2015 It is the Dawning of the Age of the L2ARC [42277]
Oracle has fundamentaly changed the L2ARC

Roch Bourbonnais writes, "One of the most exciting things that have gone into ZFS in recent history has been the overhaul of the L2ARC code. We fundamentaly changed the L2ARC such that it would do the following:

  • reduce its own memory footprint,
  • be able to survive reboots,
  • be managed using a better eviction policy,
  • be compressed on SSD,
  • and finally allow feeding at much greater rates then ever achieved before.

Let's review these elements, one by one..."
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02 Dec 2014 reARC - a major re-architecture of the code that manages ZFS in-memory cache [39682]
How the reARC project impacted 7 important aspects

Roch writes, "The initial topic from my list is reARC. This is a major rearchitecture of the code that manages ZFS in-memory cache along with its interface to the DMU. The ARC is of course a key enabler of ZFS high performance. As the scale of systems grow in memory size, CPU count and frequency, some major changes were required to the ARC to keep up with the pace. reARC is such a major body of work, I can only talk about of few aspects of the Wonders of ZFS Storage here.

In this article, I describe how the reARC project had impact on at least these 7 important aspects of it's operation:

  • Managing metadata
  • Handling ARC accesses to cloned buffers
  • Scalability of cached and uncached IOPS
  • Steadier ARC size under steady state workloads
  • Improved robustness for a more reliable code
  • Reduction of the L2ARC memory footprint
  • Finally, a solution to the long standing issue of I/O priority inversion

The diversity of topics covered serves as a great illustration of the incredible work handled by the ARC and a testament to the importance of ARC operations to all other ZFS subsystems. I'm truly amazed at how a single project was able to deliver all this goodness in one swoop..."
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11 Dec 2013 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 [34013]
S/W Update, 16Gb FC ATO support

Oracle Storage is pleased to announce the following changes to the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance family:

  • Availability of ZFS Storage OS8 Minor 1 (2013.1.1). This software version provides additional performance enhancements that made possible our world record SPC-2 performance, as well as the SPECsfs response time of 700us.
  • Support for the 16Gb FC HBA ATO part number. Customers now have the option to purchase the 16Gb FC HBA at the time they purchase their ZFS Storage ZS3 system. The HBA will arrive tested and installed in their system.
  • LOD extension for 15K rpm drives, DS2-0BASE disk shelf and 73 GB Write Flash. Customers who desire the 15K rpm disk drive configurations can purchase them until December 15, 2013.
  • LOD extension for the 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator. Customers can purchase 512 GB Read Flash Accelerator until February 28, 2014, to expand their existing system L2ARC configuration.
  • 7420 M2 EOL plans postponed. EOL announcement for the ZFS Storage 7420 M2 has been postponed and this configuration will remain active until further notice.

ZSF Storage Appliance Family

ZFS Storage ZS3-4

ZFS Storage ZS3-2
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18 Jul 2012 Oracle ZFSSA Smashes IBM XIV Running Oracle ERP On Oracle RAC DB [26952]
Performance Gains Are Laid to CACHE Size

In a proof of concept exercise running a customer's Oracle ERP on Oracle T-4 servers and an Oracle RAC on T-4's, plus storage using an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance 7420, Darius Zanganeh reports that, even without any optimization, the Oracle system was 2.5x faster than the customer's IBM XIV production system in running their month end close. Zanganeh suggests the reason is the size of available CACHE: 1TB of cache split on 2 controllers, 2 TB of L2arc Read SSDs and a few write SSDs. Furthermore, the Oracle configuration only used about 25% of the total hardware setup.
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