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25 Feb 2009 JavaFX Goes Mobile [21387]
Sun Software VP Fleshes Out the Details on Developing Mobile Applications

Few people can be expected to know more about the nature of JavaFX Mobile than Sun's VP of the Client Software Group Jeet Kaul, which is no doubt why Frank Sommers put questions on the subject to Kaul in an interview recently published in Artima. In brief, Kaul defined JavaFX Mobile as "a platform for creating rich Internet applications for mobile devices."
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16 Feb 2009 JavaFX Seeks to Capture RIA Market Space from Adobe, Microsoft [21269]
Java and RIA: Not Just for Developers Any Longer

While developers have for some time been able to work with RIAs using Java technology, the demanding skill set has kept the casual user from that setting. Instead, they have had to rely on Adobe's AIR, Flex and Flash and Silverlight from Microsoft. Now, Jim Rapoza finds the competition for space in the RIA arena heating up with the release of JavaFX.
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13 Feb 2009 Sun Releases JavaFX Mobile, Discusses its Java Mobile Strategy [21251]
JavaFX and Java ODP Expected to be Top Innovators

Insight on Sun's Java Mobile strategy was recently shared by Sun leaders at January's Java Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days (M3DD) conference. The technologies expected to be top innovators in the mobile space, according to Sun, are JavaFX and Java On Device Portal (ODP). Keeping in line with this, the company announced on February 12th the general availability of JavaFX Mobile and the new JavaFX 1.1 SDK, which runs directly on Java ME to take advantage of its ubiquity, security, and highly capable feature set.
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22 Dec 2008 A Glance at the Future of JavaFX [21125]
Sun VP Jeet Kaul Answers Some Pressing Questions

The release of JavaFX has created considerable excitement and raised some questions about its future direction. Sun VP for Client Software Group Jeet Kaul blogs on the answers to some of these queries.
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08 Dec 2008 Sun Releases JavaFX 1.0 with Immersive Media Capabilities [20974]
Developers, Web Designers Will Find It Simpler, Faster to Deploy on Screens from Large to Small and Mobile

New among the tools for building rich internet applications (RIA) is JavaFX 1.0, just released by Sun and which extends the capabilities of the Java platform to rich applications on screens from the desktop to the mobile device. Design Lead Tony Wyant discusses the release elsewhere in this issue [20971].
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