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09 Sep 2009 A Glance at the Present and Future with JavaFX Developer Stephen Chin [22225]
How JavaFX Will Make Things Easier for Developers

Stephen Chin, creator of WidgetFX and co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform book, spoke recently with Reviews Interactive on the subject of JavaFX and his involvement with it. Chin said he does his development work on a quad-core, 64-bit Windows box; a Mac that enables him to test WidgetFX natively across platforms; and an HTC Diamond on which he develops and deploys JavaFX Mobile code.
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02 Jul 2009 White Paper: Getting Ahead of The Trend in the Mobility Market [22022]
Building Mobile Infrastructure, Consumer-oriented Apps on GlassFish Mobility Platform

If you are planning your corporate mobility strategy, designing next generation mobile application architecture, or just developing device-agnostic mobile applications, then take the time to review the Sun white paper "Getting Ahead of the Trend in the Mobility Market." The white paper briefly examines security and support cost concerns, and discusses how the GlassFish Mobility Platform can support enterprises and developers in their mobile development efforts.
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11 Apr 2009 JavaFX News Bites [21637]
Short Items of Interest to JavaFX Users

  • How to Get Started with JavaFX
  • Deploying a JavaFX Web Application
  • Latest Articles on JavaFX
  • Book: "JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications"
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05 Mar 2009 Good News from Sun Marketing [21462]
March 2009

Each month Sun Marketing publishes the "Good News" about Sun. This month there are 13 items and three groups:

  • Customers Choose Sun: MySQL database and Cluster software, Sun Open Storage, Sun Fire servers, Solaris 10 OS, ZFS file system, OpenSSO Enterprise, Identity Management
  • Leading Market Conversations: Solaris OS, cloud computing, JavaFX Mobile software, free and open-source technologies
  • Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: Sun Storage 7210, JavaFX, 3, Sun Storage 7000 series

A two-page PDF of the "Good News" from Sun is available in English and several other languages.
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26 Feb 2009 Give JavaFX and JavaFX Mobile a Try [21345]
New Features Speed Development Tasks, Ease Application Deployment

Developers working on Java ME mobile projects need to give serious consideration to using JavaFX and JavaFX Mobile in their next applications, writes Bruce Hopkins in a recent Sun Developer Network (SDN) article. Hopkins describes JavaFX as a feature-rich platform that allows both developers and now designers to create rich and compelling user interfaces for mobile devices.
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