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24 Feb 2010 JavaOne Conference Call for Papers Issued [22843]
Presenters Have Until March 14 to Submit Proposals

March 14 is the deadline for those wanting to submit papers for the JavaOne 2010 conference. This year's conference will be co-located with Oracle Develop during the week of Oracle OpenWorld. Set for Sept. 19-23 in San Francisco, JavaOne 2010 will be offering the following tracks, and proposals to speak are being accepted under them: Core Java Platform; Java SE and Desktop Java; Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications; JavaFX and Rich User Experience; Java ME and Mobile; Java for Devices, Card, and TV; and The Java Frontier.
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04 Jan 2010 Deep Dive Video: Java Warehouse and Java Store [22585]
Instructions on Submitting Applications and Purchasing Available Products

A three-part video deep dives into the Java Store and the Java Warehouse. The Java Store is a JavaFX-powered storefront that provides an easy and secure way to discover and acquire compelling Java and JavaFX applications. The Java Warehouse is the repository for applications submitted for distribution through the Java Store. Bernard Traversat, director of Engineering for the Java Store at Sun, discusses and demonstrates how to use the two with Sun Senior Information Engineer Ed Ort.
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15 Dec 2009 New Beta Release of Sun's Java Store Launched [22661]
Added and Updated Features, Six Additional Countries Can Now Participate

A new beta release of Sun's Java Store is available with some new features including account creation in the client, the ability for developers outside of the US to preview applications using the Java Store view, improved integration with PayPal and more. Java Warehouse also is now available to six new countries: Israel, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Taiwan and South Korea.
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04 Nov 2009 PayPal Supports Application Payment in Java Store [22555]
Real-time Payments to Developers, Single-click Buying Experience for Consumers

PayPal is supporting application payment in the Java Store Beta, a consumer-facing storefront for Java and JavaFX applications. Utilizing the new Adaptive Payment API from PayPal, consumers can authorize the Java Store Beta to bill against their PayPal account so they can simply click the "Buy" button and never have to leave the store. Developers can set their own application price from $1.99 to $200.00 (USD), receiving 70 percent of any for-fee application sold immediately with this new Sun-PayPal alliance.
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15 Oct 2009 Sun Assists in Building Verizon Developer Community (VDC) [22452]
Collaborating on Application Store, Support of Mobile Developer Program

Sun is working closely with Verizon Wireless to help foster the recently launched Verizon Developer Community (VDC). Sun is providing key technologies and services to support VDC and help build the V CAST Apps storefront, scheduled to launch later this year. Developers who have created apps for platforms such as Java, BREW, Android, Windows Mobile and others are welcome to join the VDC and submit concepts and applications for V CAST Apps.
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