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22 Dec 2012 Java Spotlight Episode 113: John Ceccarelli on Netbeans @JCeccarelli1 [28992]
Head of Engineering for NetBeans Open Source Project

The current guest on Java Spotlight Episode 113 is John Jullion-Ceccarelli, head of engineering for the NetBeans open source project and for the VisualVM Java profiler. Host Roger Brinkley discusses Netbeans @JCeccarelli1 with Ceccarelli, who started with Sun Microsystems in 2001 as a technical writer and has since held a variety of positions including technical publications manager, engineering manager, and NetBeans IDE 6.9 Release Boss. He recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after 13 years living in Prague, the Czech Republic.
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13 Dec 2012 Java Spotlight Episode 112: Joonas Lehtinen on @Vaadin [28889]
Open Source Framework for Building Business-oriented Rich Internet Applications

On Episode 112 of the Java Spotlight Host Roger Brinkley interviews Joonas Lehtinen, one of the developers of Vaadin, a Java-based open source framework for building business-oriented Rich Internet Applications. He has been developing applications for the web since 1995 with a strong focus on Ajax and Java. He is also the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework.
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06 Dec 2012 Java Spotlight Episode 111: Bruno Souza and Fabiane Nardon on StoryTroop [28790]
Allows Readers to Create New Narrative Perspectives

StoryTroop is a space that combines multiple perspectives about a story, creating an understanding of that story like never seen before by re-organizing elements of the story in time and space and allowing everyone to add a different perspective. Bruno Souza is a Java Developer and Open Source Evangelist at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Expert at ToolsCloud. Fabiane Nardon works as a tools expert at ToolsCloud and in companies she co-founded, where she is helping to shape new disruptive Internet based services. Host Roger Brinkley discusses StoryTroop with both Souza and Nardon in Episode 111 of the Java Spotlight.
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30 Nov 2012 Java Spotlight Episode 110: Arun Gupta on the Java EE 6 Pocket Guide @arungupta [28682]
Java and GlassFish Evangelist, Long-term Java Team Member

In Episode 110 of the Java Spotlight, Host Roger Brinkley welcomes Arun Gupta, Java EE and GlassFish Evangelist, for a discussion of the Java EE 6 Pocket Guide @arungupta. Now with Oracle, Gupta has over 14 years of experience in the software industry working in various technologies, Java platform, and several web-related technologies. In his current role, he works very closely to create and foster the community around Java EE & GlassFish. He has participated in several standards bodies. He has been with the Java EE team since its inception. And since then he has contributed to all Java EE releases.
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29 Nov 2012 Java Spotlight Episode 109: Pete Muir on CDI 1.1 @plmuir [28675]
A Talk with Veteran JBoss Project Leader

Pete Muir is with Red Hat where he works on JBoss open source projects. This week he joins host Roger Brinkley on Episode 109 of the Java Spotlight for a discussion of CDI 1.1 @plmuir. According to Brinkley, Muir is leading the CDI 1.1 specification and work on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all JBoss users. He has worked on a number of specifications, including JSF 2.0, AtInject and Java EE 7. Muir is a regular speaker at JUGs and conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, JavaBlend, JSFDays, JBoss World, Red Hat Developer Day and JUDCon.
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