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05 Jun 2017 Taking A Closer Look At JavaFX [64063]
jaxenter, June 5th 2017

"JavaFX is now part of the Java SE 8 SDK. In this article, Java Champion Johan Vos gives us a quick overview of this essential framework and explains why you should use JavaFX instead of Swing...

The JavaFX framework contains API's that allow developers to create user interfaces using the Java language. The JavaFX packages reside in the javafx namespace, and the framework is part of the Java SE 8 SDK.

JavaFX was announced during the JavaOne conference in 2007. Before JavaFX, the standard API's for creating user interfaces in Java were the AWT and Swing API's. The AWT API's where part from the platform since the very beginning of Java (JDK 1.0, 1996) and the Swing API's have been added in JDK 1.2 (1998)..."
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17 Feb 2017 Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade [60740]
InfoWorld, February 17th, 2017

Oracle has released a guide to help developers move from Java 8 to Java 9

Paul writes in InfoWorld, "In preparation for the planned July release of Java 9, Oracle has released guidance for moving applications over to the forthcoming upgrade, which features big changes through modularization.

The newly released JDK (Java Development Kit) 9 Migration Guide notes that every update brings with it binary, source, and behavioral incompatibilities with previous versions. 'The modularization of the Java SE Platform brings many benefits but also many changes,' Oracle said. 'Code that uses only official Java SE Platform APIs and supported JDK-specific APIs should continue to work without change.' But code that uses certain features or JDK-internal APIs may not run or may give different results, the company cautioned..."
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06 Dec 2016 Java EE Training - Expand Your Skills to Enterprise Applications [58854]
By Jim Vonick, December 6th, 2016

Jim blogs, "Are you using the Java programming language (Java SE) to create applications? Would you like to enhance your skills to improve how you develop these enterprise applications?

Java is excellent for developing enterprise applications in any industry, including Financial Services, Health Care and Manufacturing, to name a few.

The Java EE platform provides an API and run-time environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable and secure network applications.

Here are a few courses to consider to help you take that next step..."
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20 Oct 2016 Java SE 8 Certification: Make sure you are ready [57241]
By Ramona Costea

Ramona blogs, "Are you wanting to get certified in Java SE 8 but you are having difficulty finding the time to prepare? Certification Exam Prep Seminars will save you time by giving you a structured study plan: you can review exam topics, identify and close knowledge gaps and build confidence before you take the exam. These seminars are delivered by streaming video and can be accessed for repeated review during 6-months for maximum flexibility..."
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03 Aug 2016 Microservices and Java Hackathons [55025]
By Yolande Poirier

Yolande blogs, "Create, deploy, manage and maintain native cloud applications with microservices and Java. In these free Hackathon events, you'll get a hands-on introduction, build your own application and host it in the cloud. More specifically, you will:

  • Learn about the latest Java SE 8 features, JAX-RS via Jersey/Grizzly, Node.js, and new front end Javascript toolkit called JET
  • Develop lightweight microservices using Java SE 8 and JavaScript
  • Get first hand DevOps experience with Application Container Cloud Service (Java SE) and Developer Cloud Service from Oracle.

Organizations with highly skilled development teams are looking for agility in delivering custom lightweight applications to their organizations and this Hackathon provides a clear path to using Cloud Native methodologies to create, deploy, manage and maintain microservices written in Java..."
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