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01 Mar 2017 What To Expect From Java EE 8: Recap [61075]
jaxenter, March 1st, 2017

"It's safe to say that 2016 was not the best year for Java EE but 2017 looks promising already. Only two months have passed but we can see the finish line: the ownership of the MVC JSR has been transferred to the community, we have a schedule and we know what's going on in Oracle's 'kitchen.'

Linda DeMichiel, Specification Lead for the Java EE Platform, announced in a message to the mailing list that Java EE 8's public review is scheduled for April/May 2017 and the proposed final draft should become available in June, which means that Java EE 8 should be released in July. If the date sounds familiar, there's a reason for that: Java 9 should also be released around that time..."
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06 Dec 2016 Java EE Training - Expand Your Skills to Enterprise Applications [58854]
By Jim Vonick, December 6th, 2016

Jim blogs, "Are you using the Java programming language (Java SE) to create applications? Would you like to enhance your skills to improve how you develop these enterprise applications?

Java is excellent for developing enterprise applications in any industry, including Financial Services, Health Care and Manufacturing, to name a few.

The Java EE platform provides an API and run-time environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable and secure network applications.

Here are a few courses to consider to help you take that next step..."
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04 Dec 2014 The Java 7 EE Tutorial [39670]

The Java EE 7 Documentation page has been recently refreshed with an improved and cleaner layout. It should now be easier to locate, browse and read the Java EE API documentation, the Java EE SDK documentation and the Java EE Tutorials.

It is sometime useful to remind about the availability of useful resources such the "Java EE Tutorial" ... even more when those resources a free! The Java EE Tutorial is one of those gems that is sometime overlooked. It covers Java EE 7 and is an invaluable set of resources for anyone wanting to learn Java EE but also for people already familiar with Java EE as it also covers some of the less known part of the Java EE platform such as JCA.
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08 Oct 2014 The Java EE 7 Tutorial [38721]
By David Delabassee

David writes, "The Java EE 7 Tutorial is one of the lesser-known gem. It is an extensive tutorial that covers the Java EE platform and its different APIs. The nearly 1,000 pages of the Tutorial might looks a bit daunting for newcomers. But let's be clear, one doesn't have to go through the complete tutorial! The tutorial has been structured in a way to make it easy to learn specific aspects of the platform. And last but not least, the Tutorial also covers more advanced parts of the platform such as JCA for example. In short, the Java EE Tutorial is a great resource to learn the Java EE platform at large but also learn more specific aspects of Java EE..."
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04 Jun 2014 Java EE 8 update [36741]
By David Delabassee

David writes, "Planning for Java EE 8 is now well underway. As you know, a few weeks ago, we conducted a three part Java EE 8 Community Survey (you can find the final summary here). The data gathered have been very influential for the next steps. You can now expect over the coming weeks and months to see updates on the various specifications that compose the Java EE platform.

Some Specification Leads are busy gathering additional feedback regarding what they should focus their efforts on (e.g. CDI 2 survey). Other Specification Leads have already publicly exposed what they think should be one of the focus for the evolution of the specification they lead..."
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