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05 Jun 2015 Java Card 3.0.5 is now available [43193]
Specifications and development kit are now available for download

Eric Vetillard writes, "We have just released a new version of Java Card, Classic Edition. Java Card 3.0.5 specifications and development kit are now available for download.

What's new in this release?

This release includes a lot of new features for Java Card developers, as well as a new IDE plug-in that works with Eclipse.

Here is a short summary of the new features:..."
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03 Jun 2015 What is Java Card? [43243]
a subset of Java targeting smart cards

"Here is an answer, which also includes the answer to a few ancillary questions...

Java Card was designed as a subset of Java targeting smart cards

Java Card technology is a specific Java platform that targets smart cards and related systems, which typically run on specific hardware known as Secure MCUs. The Java Card platform has a very small footprint, and it explicitly targets security applications, with dedicated APIs to manage authentication credentials (PIN) and cryptography.

When and why did this idea come?..."
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27 Apr 2012 JavaOne Russia Demo Grounds [26096]
Java Spotlight Episode 80

In this week's podcast on the Java All Star Developer Panel is Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador. Spotlight Podcast Notes #80

  • News
  • JDK8 New Build Infrastructure
  • Expression Language 3.0/JSR 341 Early Draft Now Available
  • Websockets and JavaEE 7: JSR 356 starting up
  • Rolling Upgrades with GlassFish Server
  • Events

While at JavaOne Russia we were able to talk a number of participants in the demo grounds. Featured in this interview is Emedded Java on both JavaSE and JavaME, Java Card, JavaFX and JavaEE.
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30 Nov 2010 Java Card 3.0 Extends Features of Its Predecessor [23620]
Improved Connectivity a Big Plus

Java Card 3 not only preserves but also extends the Java Card 2 support for classic applets into improved connected features targeting less resource-constrained devices and including new network-oriented features. Peter Allenbach reports this evolution in "Java Card 3: Classic Functionality Gets a Connectivity Boost." He adds that Java Card is now web-enabled, opening it up to the world of servlet applications and to communication that uses the standard protocols. Java Card 3 supports APDU, but also HTTP(S) for high-speed interfaces, such as USB, Allenbach writes. There are two possible types of communication: contactless (with the card held close to the reader) and contacted (card is inserted into the reader).
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22 Nov 2010 21.000 Desktops at JavaOne: Proving Ground [23649]
One of the Largest Demo Cases for VDI 3

JavaOne 2009 was a valuable proving ground for Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 3 (VDI Software 3) that paved the way for numerous other subsequent implementations, as reported in the Oracle wiki Sun VDI for JavaOne. VDI Software 3 provided every participant at JavaOne with access to three personal desktops running Windows, Ubuntu, and OpenSolaris, with every virtual machine hosted on Sun VirtualBox servers and stored on the Sun Unified Storage platform. Using either WiFi or the 150 available Sun Ray clients, participants "owned" their elected desktops for the entire week, access that included the Internet simply by swiping their conference Java Card. The system handled some 21,000 desktops during the convention.
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