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14 Oct 2013 How Does Oracle Make Storage So Freaky Fast? [33298]
Short Videos Available

Rick Ramsey writes, "The sound quality of these videos is not very good because I taped them while people around me were watching the America's Cup, but the content is worth your time. Jason Schaffer, from Oracle Storage Engineering, explains ...

How the ZS3 Storage System is Engineered by Jason Schaffer (3 minutes)

The ZS3 is the fastest storage system "on the planet." Jason Schaffer explains what makes it so fast, how it was engineered, and what you can do with it.

How the ZS3 Storage Appliance Tunes Itself by Jason Schaffer (2 minutes)

Jason Schaffer, from Oracle Storage Engineering, explains how the ZS3 Storage System uses the Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) to automatically tune its I/O patterns to make Oracle Database 12c run faster.

How Oracle Makes the ZS3 Storage System Go Fast by Jason Schaffer (4 minutes)

Jason Schaffer explains how the ZS3 Storage Appliance uses DRAM to get its crazy fast performance. Taped at Oracle OpenWorld 2013."

Read on for links to the videos and More Resources About the ZS3 Storage Appliance
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21 Oct 2009 IDC Reports Sun Earned Most in Tape Storage Automation Revenue [22507]
During First Half of 2009

IDC Worldwide Tape QView Q2 CY09 reports Sun earned the most for tape storage automation revenue during the first half of calendar year 2009. Sun saw growth within its installed base as well as with new customers. "Sun StorageTek does not make autoloaders or entry automation and has the number one market position on the basis of the strength of its SL500, SL3000, and SL8500 midrange and enterprise automation," the IDC report states.
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14 Oct 2009 Sun Storage 6180 Array [22475]
Latest Addition to Sun's Disk Storage Portfolio

The Sun Storage 6180 Array is a high-performance, enterprise-class, full 8 Gigabit per second (Gb/sec) I/O Fibre Channel solution with backend loop speeds of 2 or 4 Gb/sec. It is modular, rackmountable, and scalable from a single dual-controller tray (1x1) configuration to a maximum configuration of 1x7 with six additional CSM200 expansion trays behind one controller tray. Sun reports that this new array delivers 50% more performance than Sun's previous generation, and over 70% better price/performance than the IBM DS5020.
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17 Feb 2009 First Open Source Standard for Storage Encryption Solutions Released by Sun [21385]
Securely Handle Encryption Keys Without Additional Licensing

The first open source generic communication protocol between a Key Manager and an encrypting device has been released by Sun, enabling partners to adopt this protocol to securely handle encryption keys without additional licensing. The protocol is implemented as a complete toolkit and is downloadable from OpenSolaris under the project name Crypto KMS Agent Toolkit.
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03 Feb 2009 New Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 Modular Arrays [21321]
High-performance Disk Storage Arrays Offer Up to 3X Better Price/Performance

The new Sun Storage 6580 and 6780 modular arrays are for midrange and high-end enterprise and throughput-intensive workloads that target database and enterprise-email applications. Offering up to three times better price/performance than the competition, these latest modular arrays enable customers to consolidate workloads within the same data center footprint for greater efficiency.
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