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13 Sep 2013 Podcast of Oracle Cloud Computing experts [32833]
From OTN ArchBeat

The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast program is a three-part series recorded during a question and answer session at the OTN Architect Day event held at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores California on July 9, 2013. Earlier in the day the audience attended three presentations given by Oracle Cloud Computing experts Dr. James Baty, Anbu Krishnaswamy, and Markus Michalewicz. After those presentations the Q & A session gave the audience a chance to pick the brains of those experts.

In order to provide some context to the Q&A,take a moment to review the slide presentations from the event, listed below:

  • 21st Century IT | Dr. James Baty
  • Oracle Cloud: A Case Study in Building a Cloud | Anbu Krishnaswamy
  • Case Study: Database as a Service | Markus Michalewicz

As you'll hear, the first couple of questions refer to Markus's presentation, which covered the DBaaS implementation at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. When Markus mentions "CBA," he's talking about Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
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