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17 Jun 2010 The NetBeans IDE 6.9 Release - First Under Oracle's Leadership [23237]
Introduces JavaFX Composer, Adds OSGi Interoperability, and More

NetBeans IDE 6.9 introduces the JavaFX Composer, a visual layout tool for visually building JavaFX GUI applications, similar to the Swing GUI builder for Java SE applications. Additional highlights include OSGi interoperability for NetBeans Platform applications and support for developing OSGi bundles with Maven; support for JavaFX SDK 1.3, PHP Zend framework, and Ruby on Rails 3.0; as well as improvements to the Java Editor, Java Debugger, issue tracking, and more.
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03 May 2010 NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta Release [23093]
Adds OSGI Compatibility, JavaFX 1.3 Support, and Much More

NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta is available. Although it is not recommended for production environments since it is in beta status, this release is quite an enticing one. The newly released JavaFX SDK 1.3 is supported as is the JavaFX Composer, which brings the Matisse-based Swing GUI builder's capabilities to JavaFX development. It also provides OSGi interoperability for the NetBeans platform and support for PHP Zend and Ruby On Rails 3.0.
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30 Apr 2010 Submitting Changes to OpenJDK 6 [22999]
Release Manager Outlines Routines to Follow

The OpenJDK 6 processes release manager, Joseph D. Darcy, outlines the procedures involved in submitting changes to OpenJDK 6, which he identifies as an implementation of the Java SE 6 specification valuing stability, compatibility, and security, adding that as an implementation of the Java SE 6 specification, all changes to OpenJDK 6 must be allowable within that specification.
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07 Apr 2010 Java Champion Offers Developers Expert Perspective on Java EE [23010]
'Just Write the Code that Makes Sense'

In yet another installment of her series on Java Champions, Janice J. Heiss interviews Yakov Fain, long-term toiler in the enterprise technology vineyards and Managing Director at Farata Systems, which sells consulting services specializing in the development of enterprise rich Internet applications that utilize Adobe Flex on the client and Java EE on the server side. At Farata, Fain's duties include offering sales support without sales, which he does by producing technical materials, writing blogs, speaking at technical conferences, conducting trainings, mentoring client teams, managing offshore developers, and participating in development and promotion of open-source products.
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10 Mar 2010 Oracle's Open Source Initiatives [22911]
Now the World's Largest Purveyor of Open Source Software

With its acquisition of Sun, Oracle is now the world's largest purveyor of open source software. However, as Ken Hess notes on the DaniWeb Forum Index, Oracle's support didn't start with its purchase of InnoDB, MySQL or Sun. The company has a history of supporting free and open source software and has done much for the FOSS community.
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