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01 Mar 2017 What To Expect From Java EE 8: Recap [61075]
jaxenter, March 1st, 2017

"It's safe to say that 2016 was not the best year for Java EE but 2017 looks promising already. Only two months have passed but we can see the finish line: the ownership of the MVC JSR has been transferred to the community, we have a schedule and we know what's going on in Oracle's 'kitchen.'

Linda DeMichiel, Specification Lead for the Java EE Platform, announced in a message to the mailing list that Java EE 8's public review is scheduled for April/May 2017 and the proposed final draft should become available in June, which means that Java EE 8 should be released in July. If the date sounds familiar, there's a reason for that: Java 9 should also be released around that time..."
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12 Oct 2016 Why MVC 1.0 Is Important for Java EE 8 [57015]
See why one developer thinks MVC 1.0 is still something worth fighting for. Tackling some popular arguments against it, see if you agree with his points that more choices are better.

"Back in early 2014, Oracle released the results of the Java EE community survey, which was created to gather feedback about what developers want to see in Java EE 8. One of the questions in the survey was whether people would like to see an MVC web framework alongside with JSF in Java EE 8. The result was pretty clear. More than 60% of the participants voted 'Yes'. As a result, JSR 371 (MVC 1.0) was started to work on the new action-based web framework for Java EE..."
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16 Jun 2016 Get Involved with Java Standards! [53537]
By Yolande Poirier

Yolande blogs, "Joining the Java Community Process is made easier with the new release of JSR 364. Now individuals can join as associates and won't need to have their employers sign off on the participation, explains Heather VanCura in this interview. The long-criticized membership fee is also gone. Watch the interview and learn how you can participate as a JUG, individual or a company. Provide feedback by sending email to or via the JSR 364 project page..."
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25 Mar 2016 Project Jigsaw: The module system [50971]
Mark Reinhold's Blog

Mark Reinhold blogs, "Project Jigsaw is an enormous effort, encompassing six JEPs implemented by dozens of engineers over many years. So far we've defined a modular structure for the JDK (JEP 200), reorganized the source code according to that structure (JEP 201), and restructured the JDK and JRE run-time images to support modules (JEP 220). The last major component, the module system itself (JSR 376 and JEP 261), was integrated into JDK 9 earlier this week and is now available for testing in early-access build 111..."
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17 Nov 2015 2015 JCP Award Winners Announced [47673]
By Reza Rahman

"An open standard like Java EE involves a lot of hard work from a lot of different groups of people. The hard work of these people, largely selflessly, benefit countless Java developers. For specification leads the work in the JCP is often far beyond just a job. I have seen the same to be true of many vendor experts on a specification. Especially admirable are the independents that contribute to specifications largely on their own time as well as Adopt-a-JSR participants. The annual Java Community Process awards is a small way of recognizing some of these great people and their work. There are four different awards:.."
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