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08 Oct 2010 NetBeans Named One of the Top Java Programming Tools [23552]
Shows Largest Increase in Adoption of Any Java IDE

An article in InfoWorld, "Top Java Programming Tools" by Andrew Binstock takes a detailed look at such solutions as Eclipse, IntelliJ, IDEA, NetBeans, and Oracle JDeveloper as each extends the utility and the adoption of Java-based tools for the development community. Binstock cites a survey that found the rate of adoption for NetBeans 6.9 has put it second only to Eclipse as the most employed Java IDE.
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29 Sep 2010 JavaFX 2.0 Planned for Third Quarter of 2011 [23522]
New Java APIs, HTML Rendering, High-Performance Graphics Engine and More Expected

Oracle plans on introducing a new set of Java APIs that will open JavaFX capabilities to all Java developers without the need for them to learn a new scripting language. This update, expected in the next release of JavaFX due out in calendar Q3 of 2011, promises to deliver advanced graphics, high-fidelity media, and the ability to render HTML content within Java applications.
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09 Aug 2010 "Learning Oracle GlassFish Server for Tomcat Users": Oracle White Paper [23345]
GlassFish: More than Just a Web Container

Developers currently working in Apache Tomcat could profit from reading the Oracle white paper "Learning Oracle GlassFish Server for Tomcat Users," which highlights the GlassFish features such as support for clustering, persistence, and messaging that, along with still others, are not available in Tomcat. Further, the white paper contends that, while comparable performance, the Web container features of Oracle GlassFish Server are far more extensible, modular, easy to use, and adaptable than those of Tomcat.
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18 Jun 2010 Oracle GlassFish Server Released - Community and Commercial Versions [23253]
Version 3.0.1 Comes With New Branding, Additional Platform Support, and Over 100 Bug Fixes

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.0.1 and the commercial Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 product are both now available. This is its first product release under Oracle, and the newly branded Oracle GlassFish Server includes numerous critical fixes and updated platform support.
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01 Mar 2010 Oracle GlassFish Server 3 [22880]
Datasheet Released on Latest Member of Oracle Fusion Middleware Portfolio

A new data sheet has been published for the renamed Oracle GlassFish Server. It begins by referencing it as the first implementation of the Java EE 6 specification built on the open source GlassFish Project. The three-page data sheet then mentions its complete commercial deployment support and availability as a standalone or packaged with other Oracle Fusion Middleware offerings. GlassFish Server is now part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware application grid portfolio.
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