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24 Feb 2012 The Distinction Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor [25509]
They Are Not the Same Thing

In his post on "The Difference Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor" Constantin Gonzalez makes some important distinctions between the two terms. A standard is not, he contends, a processor architecture, a hypervisor implementation, nor an operating system. x86, VMware, and Linux are not standards; J2EE is. Gonzalez includes some recommendations concerning building clouds and establishing standards:

  • Standardize on one thing only: the interface between you and your service suppliers, customers, and service consumers
  • Do not accept any standardization below the level of the interface you provide
  • Distinguish between standardization and choosing a preferred vendor
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25 Apr 2011 Oracle Modernization Solutions: A Practical Guide to Planning and Implementing SOA Integration and Re-architecting to an Oracle Platform [24110]
Tom Laszewski and Jason Williamson;s Book now in Paper on

"Oracle Modernization Solutions: A Practical Guide to Planning and Implementing SOA Integration and Re-architecting to an Oracle Platform," authored by Tom Laszewski and Jason Williamson is now available from Packt Publishing on The cover notes explain that the book, described as unique in that it identifies a specific set of implementation tools and targets the Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware as the end architecture, shows readers how to modernize a legacy mainframe application using the modernization approaches of SOA Integration and Re-architecture. Readers are assumed to have some knowledge of mainframes, J2EE, SOA, and Oracle technologies, along with some background in programming and database design.
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24 Jun 2010 Java Technology and Oracle Solaris Travel-Free Training [23240]
Learn At Your Own Pace and Convenience

Oracle offers Self-study CD-ROM (SSCD) Libraries that allow individuals who cannot schedule time away from the office and/or prefer to learn new skills or hone their knowledge at a self-pace to do so. Topics include Sun System Administrator, Sun Network and System Administrator, and Sun Java Development. For a limited time, these specific SSCD Libraries can be purchased at a 35% discount.
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07 Apr 2010 Java Champion Offers Developers Expert Perspective on Java EE [23010]
'Just Write the Code that Makes Sense'

In yet another installment of her series on Java Champions, Janice J. Heiss interviews Yakov Fain, long-term toiler in the enterprise technology vineyards and Managing Director at Farata Systems, which sells consulting services specializing in the development of enterprise rich Internet applications that utilize Adobe Flex on the client and Java EE on the server side. At Farata, Fain's duties include offering sales support without sales, which he does by producing technical materials, writing blogs, speaking at technical conferences, conducting trainings, mentoring client teams, managing offshore developers, and participating in development and promotion of open-source products.
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16 Feb 2010 Oracle Agrees to Acquire AmberPoint and Convergin [22835]
Extending its Portfolio in Middleware and Telecommunications

Oracle is planning on extending its portfolio in middleware and telecommunications, with two new proposed acquisitions: SOA specialist AmberPoint and telecoms solution provider Convergin. Oracle expects AmberPoint to strengthen its Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite and Oracle Enterprise Manager with best-in-class SOA management capabilities; while Convergin's real-time service brokering solutions will complement Oracle CommunicationsÂ’ integrated product suite.
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