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23 Jun 2017 CIOs Should Step Into The IoT Oversight Void [64428]
CIO, June 23rd 2017

"The internet of things opens your business to significant security risks, but most boards don't understand the importance of IoT oversight, particularly third-party implementations. That's an opportunity for CIOs to take the lead...

If you think your organization is taking oversight of third-party IoT implementations seriously, think again. According to a recent study by security research firm the Ponemon Institute, in conjunction with the Shared Assessments Program, few organizational boards require IoT risk assurances from third parties, providing CIOs a great opportunity to take a leadership position on IoT..."
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22 Jun 2017 For IoT Over WiFi, 802.11ax Is the New HaLow [64451]
NetworkComputing, June 22nd 2017

"The new .ax standard is better equipped than HaLow to support the internet of things.

The Wi-Fi Alliance endorsed IEEE 802.11ah for IoT connectivity nearly 18 months ago and dubbed it HaLow. The standard operates in the unlicensed frequency spectrum below 1 GHz and in narrow channel widths of 1 and 2 MHz.

Since IoT applications don't need large data pipes, HaLow provides for data rates as low as 150 Kbps. It has protocol provisions for the long sleep times for clients, because many IoT applications only require intermittent data transfers. Altogether, HaLow provides for lower power consumption, lower complexity and longer range for IoT clients..."
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21 Jun 2017 SDN Application Examples Emerge As Sdn Continues To Mature [64463]
SearchSDN, June 21st 2017

"SDN can benefit more than data centers and cloud. SDN application examples show service providers, hospitals and IoT networks are using the technology as it continues to mature.

The question of whether software-defined networking is valuable only as a way to manage cloud environments or data centers is a valid one. SDN discussions often focus solely on details of how SDN controls a cloud, or on its benefits compared to traditional network protocols. After reading these descriptions, it's easy to believe that SDN is applicable only to clouds and large data centers..."
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21 Jun 2017 How Industrial Internet Of Things Is Shaking Off Hype And Getting Real [64453]
eWeek, June 21st 2017

The world is starting to have a greater understanding of the industrial internet of things because a growing number of industries - such as manufacturing, agriculture and logistics - are implementing new IT to make themselves more connected.

With more companies such as GE, Comcast, AT&T and Honeywell adopting an IoT approach, the concept of living in an integrated world is moving swiftly from hype to reality. As industrial IoT adoption increases through the use of APIs and microservices, use cases will become more unique - the sky's the limit when it comes to how our world can connect. This eWEEK slide show, using industry information from, explains how we will experience a more connected way of life in the near future - and in ways you might not expect..."
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21 Jun 2017 Storage And Networking For The IoT [64455]
ZDNet, June 21st 2017

"IoT data streams can be incredibly valuable, but they can also tax on-premises datacenter resources. Here's how cloud can help your operation scale for IoT processing...

Welcome to the Internet of Things. Let's paint the ideal picture of where you are at this point. You have taken the time to create a fully integrated network for your entire organization. Every enabled piece of hardware, embedded device, appliance, and mobile device is part of your IoT landscape..."
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