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10 Sep 2017 5 Reasons To Update The Enterprise IoT Security Roadmap [66211]
Information Age, August 30th, 2017

"In order for widespread IoT adoption to take hold, the industry needs to mandate minimum levels of security measures that protect from cyber intrusion across the board," writes Nick Ismail in Information Age.

"1. Security concerns have never been greater or higher profile.As the ever-growing Internet of Things becomes a staple in households across America through smart, connected devices, the risk of security breaches is a concept brought to the average consumers' (at times, actual) front door..."
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08 Sep 2017 Panasonic Plans 1TB Optical Disc [66168], September 8th, 2017

"Due to the rapid development of IoT technologies, widespread of SNS, and increasingly better resolution of digital images, a staggering amount of data is being generated around the world.

And the rising need for long-term storage of big data is becoming a social issue. Amid such challenges, optical discs are drawing much attention in the IT industry as a media possible of safely and securely storing large volumes of data over an extended period of time. To meet the needs of society, Panasonic Corporation has been developing its optical archive business, drawing on the optical disc technology first developed in Japan that the company has helped cultivate for more than three decades..."
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08 Sep 2017 Are Developers Ready for the New Era of Edge Cloud Computing? [66160]
jaxenter, September 8th, 2017

"The world of connected devices has enormous potential but it is clear that we need distributed edge cloud to fulfill this promise. Developers can leverage edge cloud to write their applications and accelerate the growth of IoT but are they [really] ready for the new era of edge cloud computing?..."
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08 Sep 2017 How Will the Internet of Things Impact Mobile Application Development [66166]
ITProPortal, September 8th, 2017

"As the IoT continue evolving, the concept of smart homes would flourish. In this environment, mobile devices function as the main interface through which we could interact with IoT-enabled devices...

Today, we are in the world wherein mobile apps have dominated the market. A mobile app development software and mobile apps functions more like a bridge for forward-thinking organisations trying to create smarter devices that could boost each and every aspect of people's lives..."
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08 Sep 2017 Dealing with the IoT Means Dealing with Change [66174]
IT Business Edge, September 8th, 2017

"The deluge of data that the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate will have far-reaching effects on how organizations operate. The good news is that two recent surveys suggest that this reality is understood.

451 Research released survey results that found that companies are reacting proactively to the great changes that are occurring as the new platform wends its way into the enterprise. The firm found that during the next year, 32.4 percent of 364 participating organizations surveyed plan increases in storage capacity, 30.2 percent in network edge equipment, 29.4 percent in server infrastructure, and 27.2 percent in off-premises cloud infrastructure..."
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