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08 Jun 2017 Zerto Joins HPE Complete Program [64182]
Zerto, June 8th 2017

Zerto announced it has joined the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Complete Program. The company's flagship software product, Zerto Virtual Replication is now available directly from HPE and its resellers. As part of this program, joint customers and partners have the ability to leverage Zerto's powerful replication and recovery solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds to ensure continuous operations of critical applications running on servers, storage and networking products.

The HPE Complete program offers a one-stop shop for customers to purchase Zerto products directly from HPE and its resellers as a complete solution with the added reliability of its interop assurance validation. This partnership also allows IT teams using ZVR to tap into the HPE ecosystem to minimize the risk, complexity and cost that can otherwise accompany multi-vendor technology deployments, especially as IT environments transition to more secure and resilient cloud-enabled infrastructure.
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30 May 2017 Containers: A Primer for Enterprise IT Pros [63912]
Network Computing, May 30th 2017

"Stephen Foskett provides an introduction to application containerization at Interop ITX.

The buzz around containers, particularly the Docker container platform, is hard to avoid. Containerization of applications promises speed and agility, capabilities that are essential in today's fast-paced IT environment. But outside the world of DevOps, containers can still be an unfamiliar technology.

At Interop ITX, Stephen Foskett, organizer of Tech Field Day and proprietor of Gestalt IT, provided some clarity about application containerization. In a presentation entitled, "The Case For Containers," he explained the basics about the technology and what enterprise IT shops can expect from it..."
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22 May 2017 Why You Should Invest In AI Talent Now [63691]
CIO, May 22nd 2017

"Mark Minevich didn't mince words in his Rise of the Autonomous Enterprise presentation here at Interop last week: "Whoever doesn't get involved in AI will die and get phased out." Minevich, a senior advisor to the government's Council of Competitiveness in Washington D.C., ticked off several examples of companies that have transformed industries by leveraging AI technologies, including Amazon with its personalized recommendations and Tesla. "Tesla has accumulated over 750 million miles of data to make cars smarter," said Minevich.

The good news is that the U.S. is widely viewed as a leader in AI. Minevich said there's more AI investment in Silicon Valley, for example, than anywhere else in the world and it's growing. Last year estimates put AI investments at $2.5 billion, a figure that's forecast to double to $5 billion 2017. Pointing to forecasts by consulting giants Accenture and McKinsey, Minevich said "AI will deliver a massive trillion-dollar economy and the U.S. will benefit tremendously because we're a leader in research and development."
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18 May 2017 SDN In The Enterprise [63516]
Network Computing, May 18th 2017

"At Interop ITX, enterprise IT practitioners talk about implementing software-defined networking.

The hype around software-defined networking used to be inescapable; today, some vendors even steer clear on the term. But a panel at Interop ITX showed that the technology is still very much alive and changing the way enterprises run their networks.

'If you watched the Super Bowl on Fox, you watched SDN,' Thomas Edwards, VP of engineering and development at FOX Networks Engineering & Operations. "We use SDN to have fine-grained control over packets on our network," he said, explaining how the company uses SDN to move compressed videos to its regional networks..."
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16 May 2017 Comcast Business Announces SD-WAN Beta Trial for Mid-Market and Enterprise Customers [63540]
Comcast, May 16th 2017

Comcast Business announced it is beta testing a new software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution for mid-market and enterprise customers. Comcast Business' SD-WAN solution combines the power of gigabit speeds with the agility of software-defined networks, enabling better application performance, centralized network policy management, and more effective cost controls. The company announced its trial of SD-WAN at Interop ITX in Las Vegas...
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