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31 Jul 2010 Recent World Records Set by the New Oracle Sun Fire X4470 [23342]
X4470 Delivers Impressive Results on Three Benchmarks

The Oracle Sun Fire X4470 Server, equipped with four Intel Xeon X7560 processors capable of running OpenMP applications with 64 compute threads, delivered outstanding performance on the both medium and large suites of the industry-standard SPEC OMP2001 benchmark. The results are reported in the Sun BestPerf blog "Sun Fire X4470 Sets World Records on SPEC OMP2001 Benchmarks."
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22 Jul 2010 New World Record for Sun Fire X4800 on SPECjbb2005 Benchmark [23314]
Results Best NEC 5800, Fujitsu 1800E

Setting a new world record result for 8-socket servers with Intel 7500 series x86 processors, Oracle's Sun Fire X4800, which was equipped with eight 2.26 GHz Intel Xeon X7560 processors, attained a result of 3369694 SPECjbb2005 bops, 421212 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM on the SPECjb2005 benchmark, as reported in a BestPerf blog entry.
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09 Jun 2010 Oracle Tops IBM DB2 Once Again [23191]
This Time on SAP Business Intelligence-Data Mart Standard Application Benchmark

Beating IBM DB2 once again, Oracle has set a world record result on the SAP Business Intelligence-Data Mart (BI-D) standard application benchmark, surpassing the top IBM DB2 result on this benchmark with more than eight times the performance.
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