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19 Jun 2017 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Enhancements [64507]
By Tina Liu

Tina blogs, "Today, we're pleased to announce Oracle Private Cloud Appliance release 2.3.1. These latest enhancements build on our strategy to deliver a uniquely flexible and future proof private cloud solution. The solution supports any mix of workloads, making it an ideal solution for 3-tier application consolidation, a key step on the journey to cloud. With the latest release, we've enhanced the software and hardware infrastructure, and further simplified manageability..."
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19 Jun 2017 Getting Clear About Clouds: How to Find the Best Approach for Your Enterprise [64508]
By Edgar Haren

Edgar blogs, "Today we have a guest blog from our peers on the Oracle Cloud Machine team. Today Maywun Wong Director, Product Marketing, discusses the value of Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine and the use cases behind this solution.

Most business and IT executives understand the extent to which cloud computing is transforming business and disrupting IT organizations. These services and solutions - including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - are ushering in new cost efficiencies, productivity gains, and innovation.

However, sorting through the options and choosing the right approach can be daunting. Historically, business and IT decision-makers have had three choices when adopting cloud technologies: private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. Each approach delivers different features, capabilities, challenges, and benefits. How do you choose the best cloud configuration for your organization? How do you ensure that you are minimizing costs, maximizing gains, and retaining the flexibility and agility required for digital business?..."
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18 Jun 2017 Calculating Hyperconvergence Costs [64230]
NetworkComputing, June 7th 2017

"Hyperconverged infrastructure is a hot area of IT right now," notes Jim O'Reilly in NetworkComputing. "The realization that next-generation storage appliances look a lot like servers triggered a movement to make server storage sharable, bringing together the benefits of local storage in the server with the ability to share that storage across the whole cluster of nodes.

The key is a software package that presents all of the storage in the cluster as a single pool, with automated addition or subtraction of drives. This pool of storage, sometimes described as a virtual SAN, can be divided up and presented as smaller drive volumes, subject to access controls and sharing rules. The virtual SAN software handles issues such as replication and erasure coding groups and also deals with drive errors and data recovery questions..."
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18 Jun 2017 Most Data Center Outages Aren't Caused By Tech Failure [64244]
Data Center Knowledge, June 5th 2017

"Many critical industries such as nuclear energy, commercial and military airlines - even drivers' education - invest significant time and resources to developing processes." Karen Riccio writes in Data Center Knowledge, "The data center industry - not so much.

That can be problematic, considering that two-thirds of data center outages are related to processes, not infrastructure systems, says David Boston, director of facility operations solutions for TiePoint-bkm Engineering..."
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15 Jun 2017 Gartner Puts AWS, Microsoft Azure Top Of Its Magic Quadrant For IaaS [64280]
ZDNet, June 15th 2017

"But Google is emerging as a No. 3 option in a hurry. Also note Alibaba Cloud is on the rise...

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure dominate the infrastructure-as-a-service field, according to Gartner, which released its IaaS Magic Quadrant.

However, Google Cloud is emerging as a key challenger..."
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