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26 Jun 2017 Recovering From Bad Decisions In The Cloud [64610]
Dark Reading, June 26th 2017

"The cloud makes it much easier to make changes to security controls than in traditional networks.

During my IT service management career in the military, we used to say, 'If you don't build an enterprise with security engineered into the solution, it costs four times as much to retrofit it later.' Honestly, I have no idea where that metric came from; we all used to say it, so it must have been true, right? Although I can't definitively state the actual cost, I know it is painful and expensive to engineer security into an enterprise infrastructure after it has been launched..."
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26 Jun 2017 Time To Consider A Move To IPv6 [64618]
Network World, June 26th 2017

"The growth of the IoT means organizations need to start considering migrating to IPv6. Failing to migrate will restrict their ability to be flexible and innovative...

Organizations should consider migrating their network infrastructure and devices over to IPv6. It may be a challenge to persuade leadership to prioritize it over other projects such as cloud computing or big data migrations, but it is essential to start planning for a migration..."
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26 Jun 2017 Larry Ellison: Oracle's PaaS And IaaS Will Be Bigger Than SaaS [64640]
Oracle, June 26th 2017

Chris writes in Forbes, "While software as a service was the driving force behind Oracle's Q4 revenue and earnings growth, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison said during an earnings call with analysts that he expects Oracle's two other cloud pillars - platform as a service and infrastructure as a service - will become even more powerful growth engines for Oracle than SaaS..."
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26 Jun 2017 Recasting Infrastructure For AI Workloads [64609]
IT Business Edge, June 26th 2017

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only changing the way data and business processes are carried out, it is leading to a broad reconfiguration of underlying infrastructure as well. Clearly, the enterprise cannot support a cutting-edge tool like AI on yesterday's hardware, but how exactly will infrastructure need to change in order to support the intelligent, dynamic data operations that are poised to remake business models the world over?..."
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26 Jun 2017 NVMe Market at More Than $57 Billion by 2020 - G2M Research [64607], June 26th 2017

"The Research NVMe Ecosystem Market Sizing Report from G2M, Inc. includes a five-year forecast for NVMe-related product segments, industry ecosystem mapping for each segment, and a market analysis report.

IT professionals, vendors and investors will gain a better understanding of what factors will characterize NVMe product segment leaders, how NVMe technology is being deployed today, and how it will be used in next-generation IT infrastructure.

NVMe will be used for more than just accelerating SSDs..."
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