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14 May 2017 Miami Next Gen IT: Flexibility AND Standardization with Automation Frameworks and DevOps [63219]
Thursday, May 18th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Venture Cafe - Miami

Evolve your thinking - Flexibility AND Standardization with Automation Frameworks and DevOps with Michael Stahnke, Director of Engineering, Puppet - When the primary technologies you're building upon and deploying are changing at a breakneck pace, the primitives of understanding and managing those technologies need to evolve as well. This is why DevOps practices, and automation frameworks, that emphasize cycle time, iterations, and common abstraction have become so valuable. Whether you're deploying a war file to a J2EE application server, or thousands of containers to kubernetes, the actions you need to take are similar.

You have testing, deployment, infrastructure creation, management, compliance, security and event management. In this discussion, I'll cover keeping up with changing technologies by applying conceptual abstractions that map across generations of technology tooling. I'll also provide concrete examples of how using devops methodologies allows your organization to get more done, all backed by data.

MannyRodP, Andres, Jose Perez, karim
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14 May 2017 Pitfalls Of Identity Access Management [63194]
CSO Online, May 5th 2017

"Whether dealing with a third parties access or tracking an insider through your network, action needs to be take to see who goes where," writes Ryan Francis in CSO Online.

"It is easy to overlook identity access management as static infrastructure in the background, and that's the chief problem: Too few organizations treat IAM as the crucial, secure connective tissue between businesses' multiplying employees, contractors, apps, business partners and service providers. Aaron Perry, president at Focal Point Data Risk, Focal Point Data Risk's Identity Governance and Access Management practice, runs through some of IAM's pitfalls..."
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14 May 2017 Data Center Storage Architecture Gets Smarter With AI [63187]
SearchStorage, May 5th 2017

"Trends, such as event-triggered computing, as exemplified by Lambda Architectures, converge on data center storage to hasten data center intelligence evolution," writes Mike Matchett in SearchStorage.

"Infrastructure is getting smarter by the day. It's reached the point where I'm afraid artificially intelligent IT will soon turn the tables and start telling me how to manage my own personal 'lifecycle.' Well, I would be afraid if I believed all those AI vendors suddenly claiming they offer AI-powered infrastructure..."
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12 May 2017 Friday Spotlight: Migrate Virtual Machines from VMware to Oracle VM [63370]
By Simon Coter

Simon Coter blogs, "We are very pleased to announce a new whitepaper and tool that help customers migrate virtual machines from VMware to Oracle VM.

More and more customers would like to move away from the high cost and proprietary virtualization solution to the open cloud infrastructure built on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. In this white paper, we discuss 4 methods to approach what was a painful migration from VMware to Oracle VM; in fact, into this whitepaper you'll find 4 different main chapters:..."
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12 May 2017 Oracle VM Release 3.4.3 [63371]
By John Priest

John Priest blogs, "Oracle VM is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. It delivers leading performance, scalability and reliability for enterprise SaaS and PaaS workloads as well as traditional enterprise applications.

What's New?

Oracle VM Release 3.4.3 offers updated versions of all components, delivering new features, security updates and cumulative bug fixes since the previous 3.4.2 release. The notable enhancements with this release are:..."
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