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30 Mar 2014 The Top 3 Reasons to Fire Your Public Cloud Provider [35516]
InforWorld, March 14th, 2014

"Most companies are now in the second phase of their relationship with cloud computing. They've done the experimental stuff, and that worked. Now, they are moving to implementation and mass migration," writes David Linthicum in InforWorld.

"Perhaps it's no surprise then that today I find enterprises are a bit pickier about what their public cloud providers, well, provide. I'm hearing more complaints about the relationships between enterprises and public cloud providers as enterprises move from what's new and exciting to dealing with the issues that arise in any production system. When it comes to the finer details and the friction of vendor relationships, the cloud is no different than traditional IT systems..."
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24 Mar 2013 A visual history of Linux [30268]
InfoWorld March 15th, 2013

"Linux started out life as a Minix clone built as a hobby by some guy over in Europe," muses Bryan Lunduke in InforWorld.

"(OK, it wasn't exactly a Minix clone. But it was built by a guy. And he was in Europe.) Since then, Linux has had a lot of different looks. Let's take a look over a few of the most interesting..."

  • The first release of Linux
  • XFree86
  • GNOME 1
  • K Desktop Environment 1
  • K Desktop Environment 2
  • K Desktop Environment 3
  • GNOME 2
  • K Desktop Environment 4
  • Unity
  • GNOME 3/Shell

Read on for details.
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26 Sep 2011 15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins [24608]
No Need to Check with Microsoft

Despite what you may have assumed, there is an alternative to Microsoft when it comes to enhancements for Windows, and these enhancements are free and olpen source, so why call Redmond. J. Peter Bruzzese a number of these offerings in his InforWorld article "15 Essential Open Source Tools for Windows Admins." Here's a list:

  • Wireshark
  • MailArchiva
  • Exchange 2010 RBAC Manager
  • Core Configurator 2.0 for Server Core
  • AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint 2010
  • OCS Inventory
  • UltraDefrag
  • Nmap for Windows
  • Zenmap
  • PowerGUI
  • Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool
  • ClamWin Antivirus
  • Virtual Router
  • VirtualBox

Microsoft also hosts CodePlex, a site for open source projects.
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