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30 Dec 2009 The Relevancy of Sun in the IT Industry [22668]
eWeek Presents 10 Reasons Sun Still Has Strong Market Influence

Darryl Taft with eWeek has assembled a slide presentation entitled "10 Reasons Why Sun is Still Relevant (an One Reason Why Not)". He states the questioning of Sun's relevance began when acquisition of the company started back in April with Oracle's proposed buyout. "But there are still a lot of factors that demonstrate how Sun's products and technology remain relevant and in demand in the IT industry," he writes. "This eWeek slide show illustrates why Sun still has a strong market influence."
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11 May 2009 The Invisible Operating System [21730]
OK, Not Just Yet, but That's the Direction Things Are Taking, Says Ian Murdock

"Do operating systems still matter" is a question Ian Murdock ponders in a recent blog. It is a question prompted by the realization that, as he writes, "If youÂ’re writing an application at the level of Java or PHP, what difference does it make what operating system is running underneath?" His conclusion? Yes, OSes still matter, but not in the way they used to.
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24 Apr 2009 Open Source and Cloud Computing Intersect [21692]
Video: Ian Murdock Lends his Thoughts on Cloud Computing and Open Source

With all the hype of Cloud Computing, Ian Murdock, Sun VP of Emerging Technologies, said that Cloud Computing brings some substance: "This is unarguably the biggest thing that has happened to the computer industry since client servers." Murdock addressed the CommunityOne Oslo event via video on the relationship between Open Source and Cloud Computing.
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