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18 Jan 2015 Using the Right Tool for the Job [40467]
By Rob Giltrap

Rob writes, "You wouldn't hammer a screw or screw a nail, you would use the right tool for the job. That's the elegance of the ZFS Storage Appliance, it simply uses the right tools for the jobs it needs to do.

The Hybrid Storage Pool within the ZFS Storage Appliance has three different caches, using three different technologies to perform three different jobs. I'll explain each in a little detail below:..."
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18 Jul 2012 Oracle ZFSSA Hybrid Storage Pool Demo [26946]
How to Accelerate Performance of Oracle Storage 7000 Series

In a video running something under eight minutes, the impact of the ZFSSA hybrid storage pool on storage performance is demonstrated by Darius Zanganeh. He shows how high DRAM cache capacity and both write-optimized ssd and read-optimized ssd enable users to achieve large increases in drive performance of the Oracle 7000 Storage Series.
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24 Apr 2012 Enhanced Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance Beats NetApp Results on SPECsfs2008 NFS Benchmark [26080]
Sets Two-Node World Record

The enhanced Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance can support up to 64x more memory and up to 10x more cores than a NetApp FAS3270 controller. With the Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-in, customers can provision and manage Sun ZFS Storage Appliance LUNs, executing advanced data protection features directly from the Oracle VM Storage Connect Console. Using the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in, customers can pass data on system performance, health and configuration to the Oracle Enterprise Manager console from a single pane of glass. The Sun ZFS Storage Appliances now offer larger three Terabyte (TB) capacity-optimized SAS-2 hard disk drives.
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24 Feb 2012 Oracle Posts SPEC SFS Benchmark [25525]
Crushes Netapp Comparable

Oracle scored another triumph in its campaign to dominate OpenStorage with its SPC-1 benchmark result that was 2X faster at half the cost of NetApp. The systems involved were Oracle's 7320 and two NetApp systems, 3270 and 3160. Blogger Darius Zanganeh attributes this level of performance to Oracle's superior engineering and its use of the Hybrid Storage Pool in the ZFS Storage Appliance.
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18 Oct 2011 Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Now in Third Generation [24784]
Twice the Performance, Half the Cost of NetApp on Transactional Workloads

With the introduction of its third-generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance line, Oracle can assure its customers twice the performance at half the cost per IOPS of NetApp on transactional workloads. Oracle claims that the significant new software and hardware enhancements (Hybrid Columnar Compression, for example), to the product line's Hybrid Storage Pool technology accelerate IOPS performance and allow customers to maintain optimal performance under heavy utilization.
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