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21 Dec 2011 Names the 10 Best Open-Source Products Of 2011 [25116]
LibreOffice Leads the Pack

The ten best open source products of 2011, as named by are these, in reverse order:

  • Fedora 16
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • OpenStack
  • Asterisk 10
  • MySQL 5.6, Beta
  • Android 3.xx, or "Honeycomb"
  • Firefox for Android
  • Linux Mint 12
  • Ubuntu 11.10
  • LibreOffice

(Selected by Edward F. Moltzen, CRN)
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02 Feb 2009 SAM-FS Provides Backup and Business Continuity in One Package [21243]
Keeping Your Data Safe and, When Possible, Out of the Way

Know your data and its value to the business of the day, Gaetano Bisaz would seem to be saying in his series of blogs on backup practices. If it doesn't affect current operations, maybe it needs to be stored differently from data that does. In Part 3 of the article series entitled "Classic backup is a dead-end", he considers where to put data that no longer can claim space on primary storage and how best to back it up.
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19 Jan 2009 Sun Wins Best 1U Server and Fixed Content Archiving Solution in InfoWorld's 2009 Technology Awards [21229]
InfoWorld Reviewers Recognize Sun's Innovations

Sun took two prizes in InfoWorld's 2009 Technology of the Year Awards for its Sun Fire X4150 server, which won Best 1U Server, and Sun StorageTek "Honeycomb" that was named Best Fixed Content Archiving Solution. These InfoWorld awards recognize the best hardware and software products evaluated by InfoWorld reviewers during 2008, and includes 40 winners in as many product categories.
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