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11 Jan 2013 Top 10 Java Tech Articles Published by OTN in 2012 [29265]
Evidence for Growing Interest in JavaFX

In publishing a list of the top 10 Java Tech articles published by OTN in 2012 Tori Wieldt draws three conclusions: JavaFX, with six articles devoted to it, continues to gain interest; Java Embedded and Raspberry Pi is also generating considerable interest; as before, Adam Bien remains the most popular writer on Java EE. Other writers include Bill Courington and Gary Collins; Mark Heckler; James L. Weaver; Daniel Zwolenski; Geertjan Wielenga; and Janice J. Heiss. Wieldt provides links to each article in the post.
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31 Oct 2012 JavaOne 2012 and the JavaFX DEMOgrounds [28294]
Post Lists Q&As, Demos from the Conference

As evidence of the progress Oracle has made over the past year in refining JavaFX, Janice J. Heiss has put together a brief list of Q&As directed to and answered by the JavaFX team. She also includes a list of the several JavaFX Demos that were on display at JavaOne 2012. These include:

  • JavaFX Ensemble: over 100 JavaFX samples
  • FX Experience Tools: utilities to create new skins
  • JavaFX Scene Builder: visual layout tool lets users quickly design UI without coding
  • Scenic View: shows current state of application UI
  • Conference Tour
  • FXMediaPlayer: displays different media functionality
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06 Sep 2012 Enterprise JavaFX Deployment with LightView: Part 3 [27516]
Java Champion Adam Bien Examines Deployment Possibilities

Part 3 of Java Champion Adam Bien's article series on "Enterprise JavaFX Deployment with LightView" is available on OTN, Janice J. Heiss reports. Part 3 explores ways to use Maven 3 to build and deploy the LightView application in all available deployment modes. Bien also shows how to sign and deploy LightView with a Java EE 6 application, according to Heiss, who also notes that Bien takes an uncomplicated view of JavaFX, calling it "just another Java library," enabling users to employ all of the established build, test, and deployment infrastructure. Heiss provides links to all three parts of Bien's series.
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12 Jul 2012 The Enterprise Side of JavaFX: Part Two [26854]
Learn How to Implement the LightView UI dashboard with JavaFX 2

"The Enterprise Side of JavaFX," by Adam Bien can be read on the front page of otn/java, reports Janice J. Heiss. Bien's article shows developers how to implement the LightView UI dashboard with JavaFX 2, explaining that the RESTful back end of the LightView application features its own rudimentary HTML page that can be used to start/stop the monitoring service, set the snapshot interval, and activate/deactivate the GlassFish monitoring capabilities. According to Bien, "the configuration view implemented in the org.lightview.view.Browser component is needed only to start or stop the monitoring process or set the monitoring interval."
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19 Apr 2012 Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications [26028]
James L. Weaver Uses TweetBrowser App to Illustrate

Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications (Part One), an article by James L. Weaver,has caught the eye of Janice J. Heiss, who explains that Weaver illustrates his points by examining a sample application named TweetBrowser. Especially important, as Heiss notes, is Weaver's recommendation that in “Implementing techniques such as invoking an application via Java Web Start from the application’s home page, [it is important to ensure that]only one instance of the application is started, and binding the UI to the model make life easier for both the user and the developer."
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