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21 Apr 2017 Supercharge Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence [62606]
CIO, April 21st 2017

"Artificial intelligence is redesigning healthcare. How do CIOs get a grip on what's practical versus theoretical in the dynamic space of machine intelligence? It starts by framing the A.I. landscape..."

"Pattern-recognition algorithms can transform horses into zebras; winter scenes can become summer; artificial intelligence algorithms can generate art; robot radiologists can analyze your X-rays with remarkable precision.

We have reached the point where pattern-recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are more accurate than humans at the visual diagnosis and observation of X-rays, stained breast cancer slides and other medical signs involving general correlations between normal and abnormal health patterns..."
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20 Apr 2017 Hyperion (IDC) Paints a Bullish Picture of HPC Future [62589]
HPC Wire, April 20th 2017

"Hyperion Research - formerly IDC's HPC group - yesterday painted a fascinating and complicated portrait of the HPC community's health and prospects at the HPC User Forum held in Albuquerque, NM. HPC sales are up and growing ($22 billion, all HPC segments, 2016). Global exascale plans are solidifying (who, what, when, and how much ($)). The new kid on the block - all things 'big' data driven - is becoming an adolescent and behaving accordingly. And HPC ROI, at least as measured by Hyperion, is $551 per $1 invested (revenue growth) and $52 per $1 of profit invested..."
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19 Apr 2017 Al Nahdi Drives Growth and Insight with Oracle Retail Cloud Services [62679]
Oracle, April 19th 2017

From Spreadsheets to Packaged Applications, Saudi Arabian Retailer Drives Increased Productivity

Oracle announced Saudi Arabian pharmacies' retailer Nahdi Medical Company deployed Oracle Retail Advanced Science Engine Cloud Service, Oracle Retail Merchandising Solutions, and Oracle Retail Category Management. Nahdi is considered the largest pharmacies' chain in Middle East and North Africa. Its mission is to exceed the expectations of 85 million guests across 125 cities by providing personalized high-quality health, wellness and beauty products and services through its expertise and extended reach.

Nahdi manages a huge and growing assortment of SKUs across 170 categories throughout its stores. The volume of data forced Nahdi to adopt a scalable and smart planning solution.
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19 Apr 2017 Will Blockchain Liability Be Similar To Bitcoin Liability? [62621]
HelpNet Security, April 19th 2017

"For many, Bitcoin is the de facto face of blockchain. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has gained a sullied reputation for its nefarious use in criminal or black market transactions.

However, Bitcoin and Blockchain are not one and the same. Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system that runs on a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

But Blockchain can be used for cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, and can be used for more than just cryptocurrencies. A Blockchain is a list of transactional records on a distributed ledger technology. Blockchain can be used to record real estate transactions, testing records, health care record storage and more..."
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19 Apr 2017 Ada Is An AI-Powered Doctor App And Telemedicine Service [62559]
TechCrunch, April 19th 2017

"Ada, a London and Berlin-based health tech startup, sees its official U.K. push today, and in doing so joins a number of other European startups attempting to market something akin to an AI-powered 'doctor'.

The company's mobile offering bills itself as a 'personal health companion and telemedicine app' and via a conversational interface is designed to help you work out what symptoms you have and offer you information on what might be the cause. If needed, it then offers you a follow up remote consultation with a real doctor over text..."
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