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15 Jul 2011 Effectively Manage Change in your Solaris Environment [24367]
With Halcyon Neuron Management Suite

The tracking of approved and unapproved change on IT systems is critical for the early detection of configuration issues, and to help determine the root-cause of application failures. This is especially important in virtualized Oracle Solaris environments, where systems can easily be resized on-the-fly to alleviate problems on one virtual machine, which may inadvertently impact the performance of another.

Halcyon’s Neuron Configuration Manager, as a core component of the Halcyon Neuron Management Suite, automates the collection of configuration metrics for a wide range of IT assets and quickly identifies the most important changes. Staff are notified using in-browser reports and by email of assets that have stopped tracking approved profiles, and configuration snapshots are available both interactively and from the CLI to simplify comparisons with known-good configurations. Neuron Configuration Manager also includes a highly configurable export and analysis engine, making it easy to integrate with other CMDB and archival tools.
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13 May 2011 How Many Admins Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? [24182]
Twice as many as you would expect

Administrators spend an enormous amount of time “keeping the lights on”: activities that consume up to 80% of IT budgets. Automated, repeatable processes are some of the greatest timesavers in the IT world, and yet most system maintenance and monitoring tasks are still performed manually in the datacenter. Halcyon helps double the time staff can spend on new initiatives, instead of simply maintaining the status quo.

Halcyon Neuron automates the monitoring of hardware, OS, and applications in Solaris environments. Pre-defined and configurable thresholds notify admins of failures and service degradation due to CPU/memory exhaustion, log or process errors, and virtual resource conflicts. Plugins are also available for a wide range of custom and commercial applications".
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09 Oct 2010 Optimize Solaris Zone Performance and Increase Server Utilization [23566]
Effective Capacity Planning in Virtualized Environments

Halcyon's Neuron Performance Manager aggregates Solaris zone performance data to proactively monitor overall server utilization and quickly identify bottlenecks and excess capacity. This solution enables organizations to optimize their virtual environment to improve service levels, reduce costs, and increase availability of critical business applications.

Unlike traditional reporting tools, Neuron Performance Manager automatically collects important Oracle Solaris performance data such as CPU and memory usage from Zones and Containers and aggregates them into a single graph. This allows administrators to view historical trends and predict future capacity needs on both physical and virtual hosts. For more information, screenshots, and to download this solution with free pre-sales technical support, click on Get More Information.
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01 Apr 2010 Monitoring and Graphing Performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and LDOMs [22972]
With Halcyon Neuron Agent's New Solaris Zones Statistics

Those interested in monitoring and graphing the performance of Solaris Zones, Containers, and Logical Domains (LDOMs - now known as the Oracle VM Server for SPARC) can now proactively generate alarms/events when critical problems occur with the lightweight standalone Halcyon Neuron Agent. The Neuron Agent now includes a new monitored property labeled "Solaris Zone Statistics that proactively monitors the CPU and Memory utilization of each zone in addition to the number of processes running inside the zone. Screenshots shots are available.
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25 Apr 2009 Don't Abandon Your Legacy Network Operating Center Framework [21629]
Halcyon's Neuron Integration Solution Helps It Work with Sun xVM Ops Center

Halcyon's Neuron Integration for Sun xVM Ops Center enables users of such network operating center frameworks as IBM Tivoli, HP Openview, CA Unicenter or Sun MC to route notifications and alerts from one program to another, Tivoli to Sun xVM Ops Center, for example. Owen Allen blogs on the solution, sharing what he learned from Iain McKone and Mike Kirk at Halcyon.
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