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30 Dec 2009 The Relevancy of Sun in the IT Industry [22668]
eWeek Presents 10 Reasons Sun Still Has Strong Market Influence

Darryl Taft with eWeek has assembled a slide presentation entitled "10 Reasons Why Sun is Still Relevant (an One Reason Why Not)". He states the questioning of Sun's relevance began when acquisition of the company started back in April with Oracle's proposed buyout. "But there are still a lot of factors that demonstrate how Sun's products and technology remain relevant and in demand in the IT industry," he writes. "This eWeek slide show illustrates why Sun still has a strong market influence."
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01 Apr 2009 Good News from Sun Marketing [21606]
April 2009

Each month Sun Marketing publishes the "Good News" about Sun. This month there are 17 items and three groups:

  • Customers Choose Sun: Solaris and Intel's Xeon 5500 Series, Sun Modular Datacenter, Sun Constellation System, OpenSolaris, MySQL, Sun CoolThreads, OpenOffice
  • Leading Market Conversations: open source, cloud computing, Virtual Data Center, open storage, flash memory, Sun Modular Datacenter
  • Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage System, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server, JavaFX, Sun Fire X4140 Server

A two-page PDF of the "Good News" from Sun is available in English and several other languages.
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12 Mar 2009 "Citizen Engineer: A Handbook for Socially Responsible Engineering" [21423]
Rough Cut Version is Now Available

New book by Dave Douglas, Greg Papadopoulos and John Boutelle, employees of Sun Microsystems will be coming out in June/July 2009, and it suggests such revelations that "being an engineer today means far more than an engineer." Sun employees have Rough Cut access via Safari Books Online and non-Sun employees may purchase a copy.
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10 Mar 2009 Economy Drives Increased Interest in Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Green IT [21468]
The Need for Cost Cutting Occasions Closer Look at these Technologies

Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos found a bright spot in the current economic downtrend that he shared with writer Jeffrey Burt of eWeek in a recent interview. According to Papadopoulos cost consciousness is causing managers to have a closer look at cloud computing, virtualization and green IT, a trend that is likely to accelerate, given the condition of the economy, he added.
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29 Dec 2008 Greg Papadopoulos, David Douglas on the Citizen Engineer [21114]
Sun Execs Discuss Their Recent Book with San Jose Mercury News

Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos would like engineering students, their professors and working engineers to "...think more about what they're doing," or so he told Brandon Bailey, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. Papadopoulos and Sun colleague David Douglas co-wrote the book "Citizen Engineer" hoping to prompt their target audience to that habit of self-examination they feel is essential among modern day practitioners of engineering. Environmental sustainability, intellectual property, economics and their respective roles as citizens in the global community are the concerns the book advances.
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