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23 Jul 2017 Learn to Hack Miami: Movie & Beer Garden Night!!- Design Disruptors [65104]
Thursday, July 27th, 2017: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

i2 Labs - Miami

Do you use Google, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, Dropbox or HubSpot?!

These companies and so many more are shaping and driving their businesses through the revolution of design, which you interact with day to day. As a consumer, it should be no surprise that design-driven companies sell more products and have greater customer loyalty and that there is growth and demand in the UX/UI Design industry.

Fannia, Richard Chance, Shakasta Walsh
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23 Jul 2017 The New Era of Artificial Intelligence: Robots, Jobs, the Economy and How Machine Intelligence Can Affect You [64980]
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

CIC - Miami

After billions of dollars and decades of research, we are entering a new era of robotics and conscious artificial intelligence. A.I. is poised to transform our society as did the internet years ago. We are already using A.I. when we use speech recognition software, Google Translate, and many other apps and services. Nearly all of the largest software and social media companies are working towards integrating some form of A.I. into their product and service, including Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Today, we have Robotic helpers, driverless cars, problem solving A.Is, and we're just getting started. Machine Intelligence has the potential to usher in a new age of technology like we've never seen before that will have a tremendous impact on job markets, the economy, and our everyday lives.

In this discussion we'll look at the technological changes that are sweeping through our world and the future effects that A.I can have on our economy and our personal lives. The good and also the dangers of A.I. that we'll need to face. Join us for a deep learning discussion and ask yourself: Are you ready for this new era of machine intelligence?

MIT Enterprise Forum of South Florida
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23 Jul 2017 Why serverless? Meet AWS Lambda [64967]
Javaworld, July 5th 2017

Pete Johnson offers, in Javaworld, "A first-hand, step-by-step look at the ease and simplicity of Amazon's 'function as a service' platform...

Why would a developer use AWS Lambda? In a word, simplicity. AWS Lambda - and other event-driven, 'function-as-a-service' platforms such as Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk - simplify development by abstracting away everything in the stack below the code. Developers write functions that respond to certain events (a form submission, a webhook, a row added to a database, etc.), upload their code, and pay only when that code executes..."
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19 Jul 2017 Largest Data Center Companies [65039]
Datamation, July 19th 2017

"When an organization needs a data center, it doesn't necessarily build and operate that data center on its own. Instead, they turn to the many different vendors offer both wholesale and retail data center services.

In fact, the market for data center services seems to be expanding rapidly. The trend toward cloud computing has been a boon to data center providers as many of them count companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM among their customers. According to Structure Research, the colocation market was worth $33.59 billion in 2016, a number that is likely to grow 15.2 percent in 2017. And 451 Research predicts that the wholesale and retail colocation markets could be worth $48 billion by 2021..."
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17 Jul 2017 How Try Chrome OS In Virtualbox Before Buying A Chromebook [65059]
How-To Geek, July 17th 2017

"Google's Chromebooks run Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system based on Linux that provides you with a full Chrome browser and a basic desktop environment. Before buying a Chromebook, you may want to play with Chrome OS in a virtual machine in a window on your desktop..."
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