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04 Feb 2010 Oracle's Plans for Sun Products, Technologies [22805]
Links to a Variety Resources on the Current Roadmap

The Jan. 27 Oracle presentation on its product strategy for integrating Sun hardware and software produced a lot of information on a variety of solutions and technologies. In this article, readers will find links and references from many different sources to help find material on their valued interests.
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30 Dec 2009 Sun Java Enterprise System 7 [22686]
Incorporates Latest Technology Updates in Its Suites' Offering

The Sun Java Enterprise System (JES) is a comprehensive set of subscription-based services that combines software, support, professional services, and educational services in a single package, for a single price. Sun JES consists of fully integrated enterprise services components that deliver: Web and Application services, Identity and Directory services, Communication and Collaboration services, Availability services, and Security services. Version 7 adds some of the latest updates made to various solutions within the Sun JES set of Suites.
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28 Oct 2009 "Developing Software Collaboratively with Hudson" [22365]
Learn More About the Open Source Continuous Integration Server

Hudson is an open source continuous integration (CI) server, initially developed by Sun, that brings a new level of efficiency and productivity to collaborative software development. By automating the build-and-test process, Hudson saves time, cuts errors and risks, and brings a higher level of transparency to projects. This paper describes the capabilities of Hudson, compares Hudson’s key features to those of competitive offerings, and summarizes why Hudson has quickly become the industry’s most widely adopted open source CI server.
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04 Sep 2009 Sun GlassFish WebStack Tips and Techniques [22222]
Four Experts Share Their Enthusiasm

Sun's supported (L)AMP distribution, the GlassFish WebStack, has been released and the team members -- Irfan Ahmed, Jeff Trawick, Brian Overstreet, and Amit Gupta -- have several new posts on the new Enterprise Monitor for Apache.
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06 May 2009 Sun Java Enterprise System 6 [21712]
Expands Offering to Include Identity, SOA/BI, and Open Source Components

Sun Java Enterprise System (ES) delivers an integrated enterprise services software system that is designed, developed, and tested to provide a consistent experience to IT and business users. Java ES 6 is the latest release, offering more products, compatibility testing, and interoperability testing than Java ES 5. It also employs the installers of its constituent products instead of a single-host installer for more flexibility in setting up enterprise-level deployments.
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