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25 Aug 2016 Java EE and JavaScript Applications [55651]
By Yolande Poirier

Yolande reports, "Build modern JavaScript applications on top of Java EE backends. The Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) enables you to create complex enterprise JavaScript applications. But how do you connect those applications to a backend and can Java play a role?

In this online session, Geertjan Wielenga explains how you can leverage your existing Java knowledge to quickly and efficiently create maintainable Java EE backends and consume them in JavaScript applications created in Oracle JET. You will see how to connect your Java EE backend to the new modern world of JavaScript, whether running in a desktop browser or on a mobile device! ..."
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07 Nov 2015 30% Discount: 'Beginning NetBeans IDE for Java Developers' [47171]
By Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan writes, "Good news - until the end of November 2015, a 30% discount is available for the e-book version of 'Beginning NetBeans IDE for Java Developers'..."

"Beginning NetBeans IDE" is your authoritative guide for getting started learning and using the free and open source NetBeans IDE. Written by Geertjan Wielenga, who has worked on the NetBeans Team since 2004, it shows you what the IDE is all about and how to use it with real-world case studies built from the ground up as you learn all about the IDE...
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14 Sep 2015 Beginning NetBeans IDE For Java Developers [45821]
By Geertjan, Wielenga

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22 Aug 2015 Complete Guide to Tuning the Appearance of NetBeans [45371]
the most complete and authoritative document on the topic of tuning the appearance of NetBeans

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09 May 2014 TomEE+, Apache CXF, and Maven in NetBeans 8 [36269]
Geertjan Endorsed Video

Geertjan Wielenga writes, "The most interesting thing about the awesomeness shown in the (silent) YouTube clip below is that everything you see in it is 100% free and supported out of the box, without needing to install plugins of any kind, in NetBeans 8:

YouTube Video

It is also very easy to see above that everything, from registering TomEE+ to creating a Maven application to deploying the app and making changes and seeing those changes live takes about 4 minutes in total..."
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