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30 Apr 2012 Java SE 7 Update 4 and JavaFX 2.1 for Mac OS X [26091]
Download from Oracle Technology Network

Oracle has released Java SE7 Update 4 and JavaFX 2.1, both for the Mac OS X. Java developers can now download Oracle’s JDK, which includes the JavaFX SDK, for Mac OS X from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Java SE7 Update 4 JDK includes the next-generation Garbage Collection algorithm, Garbage First (G1), which provides predictable garbage collection even for very large applications. Rich client applications using JavaFX 2.1 can be completely developed in Java, allowing users to leverage their existing knowledge of and investments in Java technologies to easily create modern, expressive graphical user interfaces and data visualizations in JavaFX.
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23 Jul 2010 Java Hotspot VM 17.0 and Garbage First (G1) [23315]
Learn More About These Technologies Included in Java SE 6 Update 21

Learn more about the Java Hotspot Virtual Machine (VM) 17.0 included with the release of the Java SE 6 Update 21 as Markus Eisele focuses on the latest improvements primarily made to the Garbage First (G1) garbage collector (GC) in a recent blog entry. The G1 is a new GC that is being introduced in the Java HotSpot VM in JDK 7. It is considered experimental and is available in Early Access only. Eisele shows how users can enable it and work with this "server-style" GC.
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14 Jul 2010 Java SE 6, Update 21 [23299]
Newly Released Update Includes Additional OSes

Update Release 21 for Java SE6 has been newly released Dr. Dobb's blogger Eric Bruno writes that the update mainly includes support for more operating systems and bug fixes.
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23 Sep 2009 G1: Java's Garbage First Garbage Collector [22276]
Details on How the Java SE 6 Update 14 Feature Works

An entry in Dr. Dobb's Journal, "G1: Java's Garbage First Garbage Collector," discusses Garbage First (G1), a much-anticipated feature newly introduced with the release of Java SE 6 Update 14. G1 works to reclaim areas of memory within an application that will never be accessed again. According to the article, G1 is a low-pause, low-latency, sometimes soft real-time collector that allows users to set max pause time goals and collection intervals through suggestions on the Java VM command line.
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17 Aug 2009 Java News Bites [22197]
Short Items of Interest to the Java Community

  • GlassFish Adoption Survey Findings
  • GlassFish ESB Tutorial: A Gentle Introduction
  • Get InnoDB Plugin 1.0.4
  • GlassFish Roadmaps
  • How to Submit Applications to the Java Warehouse
  • Garbage-First Garbage Collector
  • Using Java Stack Trace During Development
  • GlassFish Web Space Server Demonstration
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