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15 Aug 2016 Disaster Recovery with a Future-Ready Infrastructure [55404]
Empire Life modernizes its IT infrastructure and decreases recovery times from days to hours with the Fujitsu M10 server.

The ability to rapidly and completely recover from a major disaster is a must-have in any IT environment today. Companies must safeguard their internal data as well as that of their customers and be able to resume business quickly after an interruption in service. For insurance companies, which offer critical services in times of need, disaster recovery capabilities are even more imperative.

When Canada's Empire Life Insurance Company sought to replace its aging infrastructure with one that would enable it to be better prepared for worst-case scenarios, it chose to consolidate on the Fujitsu M10-1 server with the SPARC64 X+ processor.
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28 Jun 2016 Fujitsu Cuts Pricing for its Popular Fujitsu M10-4 SPARC Server, and Sees Strong YoY Growth with the Affordable Fujitsu M10-1 SPARC Server [54005]
The Fujitsu M10 SPARC server platform enables IT departments to reduce server footprint, slash energy usage and operating costs, and easily scale business operations, while maintaining continuous uptime

Fujitsu, a Diamond level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), recently announced new pricing for its Fujitsu M10-4 server to help accelerate customers' datacenter modernization. Fujitsu M10-4 base units and CPU core activation pricing has been reduced by 25 percent and CPU modules by up to 75 percent. As a result, the Fujitsu M10-4 server now has an entry list price of $28,150. The state-of-the-art Fujitsu M10-4 systems are in use throughout the world, helping customers reduce datacenter footprint, improve performance and significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. The extremely dense Fujitsu M10-4 packaging results from unique self-contained Liquid Loop Cooling technology. All Fujitsu M10 models are now available with up to 1TB of memory per socket, making Fujitsu M10 one of the best solutions for any sized workload.
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26 May 2016 Imagine What You Could Do With 64TB of Memory [52926]
By Torrey Martin

Torrey writes, "One thought that kept recurring was that the Fujitsu M10 now supports a staggering maximum 64TB of main memory. There is no other commercial server on the planet with this amount of memory.

Thirty years ago, the largest supercomputers in the world had 2GB of shared memory. Today's smart phones easily have 8GB or 16GB. But with the Fujitsu M10 server, you can have access to 4,000 times as much memory, all in a uniform address space.

What could you do with that much memory?..."
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24 Mar 2016 Fujitsu M10 World Record Performance [50974]
Carl Hill, Business Development Manager, Fujitsu-Oracle Center of Excellence

Carl blogs, "The Fujitsu M10 server world record count has increased dramatically, from 7 to 11 world records, as of February 2016. We regularly run industry standard and application benchmarks to provide customers with estimates of how the Fujitsu M10 server will perform on various workloads. The four new world records demonstrate that the Fujitsu M10 business server provides extremely responsive performance on enterprise class workloads. Customers are thus able to process more transactions or data queries on a single Fujitsu M10 system than on other systems..."
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07 Mar 2016 An Interview with Scott Lynn, Senior Manager, Solaris Product Management [50596]
Guest Blogger: Torrey Martin Fujitsu M10 Product Specialist

The Oracle Solaris operating system has been powering servers around the world for decades and continues to set the bar in performance, reliability and security. The Fujitsu M10 SPARC server family runs Oracle Solaris exclusively, and the qualities of OS and server combine to provide applications running around the world with mission-critical and high performance piece of mind. Recently the Fujitsu Center of Excellence for Oracle team jumped at the opportunity to interview one of Oracle Solaris' key evangelists.
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