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24 Oct 2011 Solving the Tape Storage Space Problem [24798]
StorageTek In-Drive Reclaim Accelerator Is the Answer

In his blog "Solving the Tape Storage Space Problem" Rick Ramsey provides links to two papers on the subject. One is "Tape: The Digital Curator of the Information Age" and the other is "StorageTek In-Drive Reclaim Accelerator for the StorageTek 10000B tape Drive and StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager." The latter paper, Ramsey explains, shows how StorageTek Reclaim Accelerator makes both access for retrieval of data and updating of data stored on tape more manageable by breaking up the serial data on a tape into smaller, more manageable chunks that are grouped together and managed as logical volumes.
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14 Feb 2011 Tiered Storage Takes Center Stage: White Paper by Fred Moore of Horison Inc. [23895]
And Reduces Acquisition and Operating Costs as Well

The central assertion of the white paper "Tiered Storage Takes Center Stage" by Fred Moore is, "Tiered storage, as a storage initiative, has been proven to significantly reduce acquisition and operating costs for medium and large scale storage enterprises." He supports this contention by citing the costs for a 100 TB capacity two-tiered, all-disk implementation at $765,000 versus $359,250 for a three-tiered implementation using tape for tier 3 archival data. This economic advantage increases, Moore continues, as the storage pool itself enlarges. The overall savings from the three-tiered implementation stem from a reductions in purchase price, monthly license fees and maintenance costs and a freeing up of storage administrators to address more critical tasks. Moore sums up his argument with the statement that, "A multi-tiered storage system with automated data management provides the optimal solution for managing the 21st century data explosion."
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08 Feb 2011 Tape The Digital Curator of the Information Age [23897]
Don't Count Tape Out, Writes Fred Moore of Horison, Inc.: It's Not Even Down

While disk storage has stolen away a good measure of the backup/recovery market that was once dominated by tape, a significant role for that older technology has emerged in the form of Tier 3 applications such as fixed content, compliance and archive. "Tape isn't going away as its role is in transition, expanding from a pure backup solution to that of a premier long-term storage technology and archive," writes Horison Inc. President Fred Moore in "Tape: The Digital Curator of the Information Age." Moore suggests that the big question for tape is when vendors will begin to capitalize on the new prospects for tape in the current market. Moore sees this as a golden opportunity for tape vendors in his discussion of tape technology at this exciting time.
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05 Aug 2010 "Tape Technology Leaps Forward in The 3rd Era" [23352]
Some Significant Challenges to Disk Storage

The developments in tape technology, now in its third generation and including such changes as significantly improved drive and library reliability, longer media life, higher drive duty cycles and much faster data rates than any previous generation of tape technology, plus tape cartridge capacities that now exceed those of disk drives, call for a re-examination of the common perceptions of tape storage, argues Fred Moore in his paper "Tape Technology Leaps Forward in the 3rd Era."
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12 Jun 2009 Sun Mainframe Storage Solutions Remain Best in Class [21834]
A Brief History of Mainframe Architecture; A Glance at the Future

In "Sun Storage Augments Mainframe Renaissance", Fred Moore, president of Horison Information Strategies, an information strategies consulting firm, has undertaken to write a historical survey of developments in enterprise computing from the mainframe perspective that discusses what the newest mainframe operating system and storage solutions have in store.
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