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06 Jun 2017 Measuring The Business Success Of Artificial Intelligence [64073]
Information Management, June 6th 2017

"When they think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), most people picture a future world that Hollywood and technology visionaries have painted for us, filled with androids, autonomous vehicles, and other futuristic toys. Here in 2017, things are moving just as quickly in the boardroom where business leaders are scrambling to integrate AI into their enterprises.

Forrester Research recently predicted that investments in AI will increase by more than 300 percent in 2017 compared with 2016. Additionally, IDC estimates that the AI market will grow from $8B in 2016 to more than $47B by 2020..."
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22 May 2017 Don't Worry CIOs: You Still Control Tech Spending [63706]
CIO, May 22nd 2017

"In the digital era, business executives are becoming more involved in acquiring corporate technologies. But the CIO still largely has the final say for most technology purchasing decisions.

CIOs still control the purse strings for most corporate IT, owing to the complexity of broad technology implementations. But other business executives play an ever-larger role in acquiring digital tools, underscoring technology's growing importance, according to new reports from Forrester Research and CompTIA..."
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10 May 2017 Top DRAAS Companies To Watch [63265]
CSO Online, May 10th 2017

"Forrester Research recently released its report naming Sungard AS, Bluelock, IBM and iland as the top disaster recovery-as-a-service companies.

With enterprises expecting their network up at all times, backup and recovery are key to keeping things running smoothly with no downtime. With ransomware waiting to pounce the minute a user clicks on a link, companies rely on network recovery in a matter of minutes not days.

Enterprise DRaaS adoption has grown steadily in recent years; currently, 40 percent of enterprises have adopted it, with another 24 percent planning to do so, according to the research firm..."
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30 Apr 2017 Best Practices For Securing Open Source Code [62724]
Dark Reading, April 21st 2017

Attackers see open source components as an obvious target because there's so much information on how to exploit them. These best practices will help keep you safer

Mike Pittenger writes in Dark Reading, "Recently, a Forrester Research report called attention to open source's preeminence in application development, noting that custom code now often comprises only 10% to 20% of many applications.

Although traditional application security tools - dynamic analysis security testing (DAST) and static analysis security testing (SAST) - are effective in finding bugs in proprietary application code, they aren't effective in identifying vulnerabilities in open source components 'in the wild'..."
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30 Apr 2017 Artificial Intelligence: Fulfilling The Failed Promise Of Big Data [62740]
Information Management, April 21st 2017

"The topic of artificial intelligence is dominating discussions of data management this year," opines David Weldon in Information Management.

"But while a growing number of organizations are interested in AI, many don't fully understand what the technology can do to help boost their customer engagement or the bottom line.

Forrester Research analyst Brandon Purcell has recently authored two reports on the current strong interest in artificial intelligence and what can be expected from it. In part one of Information Management's interviews with Purcell yesterday, we discussed 'The Top Emerging Technologies in Artificial Intelligence.' In part two today we discuss the report 'Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Solutions, Q1 2017'..."
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