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29 Nov 2016 Half of Executives Worldwide Expect Vast Digital Transformation in Next Two Years, Says New Study [58614]
HDS, November 29th, 2016

According to a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with Hitachi Data Systems, titled "How to Win at Digital Transformation: Insights from a Global Survey of Top Executives," digital transformation sits atop the strategic agenda for enterprises. Half of the executives surveyed believe the next two years will be critical for their organizations in order to make this transition and prepare for future opportunities.

The global study - based on a survey of 573 senior executives worldwide, as well as one-on-one conversations with top executives - reveals that now more than ever, every industry and company faces the pressure to transform before it's too late. While prompted by competitive pressure, digital transformation holds the key to turning marginal growth into exponential growth. It is considered the accelerator for bending the curve on productivity, time to market, deployment of new business models and revenue generation.
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17 Nov 2016 5 Expensive Traps Of DIY Hadoop Big Data Environments [58114]
By Margaret Harrist, November 17th, 2016

Margaret writes in Forbes, "Some myths are rooted in truth - and myths about Apache Hadoop, the open source software framework for very large data sets, are no exception. Yes, Hadoop runs on cheap commodity computer hardware, and it's easy for users to add nodes. But the devil is in the very expensive details, especially when you're running Hadoop in a production environment, warns Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Oracle master product manager for big data..."
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16 Nov 2016 6 Tips For Cracking The Glass Ceiling -- And 4 Mistakes To Avoid [58115]
By Margaret Harrist, November 16th, 2016

Margaret writes in Forbes, "If you've ever been described as too aggressive in a performance review, chances are you're female.

This may not be news to many women, who often find themselves dealing with a range of covert (and perhaps unconscious) biases in their jobs. For example, a recent Stanford study of language used in performance reviews found not only that 76% of comments regarding an employee being 'too aggressive' were in reviews of females but also that women 'are systematically less likely to receive specific feedback tied to outcomes,' which puts them at a disadvantage for promotion..."
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11 Nov 2016 Never Be Afraid To Write The Memo: Thinking Like A Startup Inside The Enterprise [57810]
By Reggie Bradford, November 11th, 2016

Reggie writes in Forbes, "I had the pleasure of talking about two of my favorite topics this week at Web Summit - startups and digital innovation - with my longtime friend and digital visionary Pete Blackshaw of Nestle.

Although we both work for large organizations now, we are entrepreneurs at heart, with startup backgrounds. That blend of startup and enterprise experience allows us to take advantage of learnings from both sides - learnings we shared in our Web Summit session 'Think Like a Startup: It's How Marketers Will Succeed.'

The conversation below combines excerpts from that session with insights from our ongoing conversation about how to think like a startup inside large organizations such as Nestle, where Blackshaw is vice president of digital and social media..."
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27 Oct 2016 Why Oracle Talks More About Workday Than Salesforce (Hint: ERP Is The Crown Jewel) [57434]
By Chris Murphy

Chris writes in Forbes, "When investment analysts had a chance to ask Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison questions at the close of Oracle OpenWorld 2016, they focused almost exclusively on Oracle's cloud software, platform, and infrastructure businesses. One question focused on the competition: Why does Oracle talk about Workday as its most important cloud software competitor, when rival is a much bigger cloud company?"
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