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17 May 2017 The Digital CFO Challenge [63593]
Oracle, May 17th 2017

Francois Lancon writes in Forbes, "The CFO is one of only two executives at a company (the CEO is the other) who could go to jail should the company publish misleading financial information (depending on local laws and regulations).

That possibility is something every CFO must live with, while still trying to close the books more quickly and provide the kind of information that can help the entire executive team make better decisions. And while closing the books in a timely manner seems like table stakes, many large, complex organizations operate as semi-independent fiefdoms run on Excel spreadsheets. Outdated applications and disconnected processes also make it hard to hold individual budget overseers accountable for financial performance..."
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16 May 2017 Convenience Store Chain Royal Farms Automates HR 24/7 [63594]
Oracle, May 16th 2017

Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "Talent management isn't just the realm of hot tech companies, pro sports franchises, and tony investment banks. A chain of convenience stores on the US East Coast has turned to modern HR systems to recruit, onboard, and train its people, among other functions, in part to manage employee attrition that has hovered at almost 80% a year.

Royal Farms, a family-owned company that operates more than 160 stores in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and most recently New Jersey, employs about 4,000 people. But that number doesn't adequately represent the scale of its talent challenge..."
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16 May 2017 IT Infrastructure for the Data-Driven Era [63602]
By: Nancy Swanson

Nancy blogs, "We're in the midst of a data explosion. According to Forbes, by 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created EVERY second for EVERY human being on the planet. That is mind boggling. How will you manage database growth in the coming years, and what infrastructure will you buy?

Customers are telling us their top three IT challenges are:

  • Driving growth and profitability
  • Protecting data from fraud
  • Getting ready for cloud

So what are your choices for database infrastructure? ..."
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15 May 2017 Startups, Smart Cities Are Springing Up Across India [63595]
Oracle, May 15th 2017

John Foley writes in Forbes, "Silicon Valley, meet Jharkhand. The government of Jharkhand, a state of about 33 million people in eastern India and home to tigers and elephants, has signed an agreement with Oracle that, in addition to improving government services, aims to make Jharkhand an attractive place for startups..."

'We want to be the top choice with global companies for investments and be India's startup hub,' Raghubar Das, chief minister of Jharkhand, said in a formal announcement of the memorandum of understanding with Oracle.
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10 May 2017 An Architect's Perspective: Applying Moore's Law To The Cloud [63350]
By Alexa Morales

Alexa writes in Forbes, "As modern as the cloud seems, it might be hard to believe that the developers building the next-generation cloud at Oracle have mined networking's forerunner, telephony, for insights. A decade before becoming an architect for Oracle's cloud networking team, Jag Brar spent formative years designing Amazon Web Services. He was part of the team that worked on the underlying network for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Later, he applied techniques he found described in a 1953 research paper to help scale the underlying network..."
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