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13 Mar 2017 Machine Learning Stands To Transform The Way We Communicate [61612]
By Jeb Dasteel

Jeb writes in Forbes, "We often say that customer success should be part of an organization's DNA. But, what if it was also in the instruments of our daily lives - our phones, computers, and devices?

We're certainly on that path. Machine learning - applications that not only respond to inputs without the help of human intervention, but learn, or adapt, from each interaction - is transforming the ways that we communicate with customers, thus allowing us to know customers better and anticipate their needs before even they are aware of those needs..."
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10 Mar 2017 Digital Transformation, Innovation And Security [61293]
CIO Insight, March 10th, 2017

"Digital transformation and innovation are forcing changes to organizations' cyber-security strategies, according to new research. Respondents to the survey also indicated that financial and customer information, brand reputation, intellectual property and employee information are critical assets they must protect against breaches. The report, 'Enterprises Rethink Security in the Age of Digital Transformation,' was conducted by BMC and Forbes Insights..."
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09 Mar 2017 Work-Life Balance: How Employers Can Step Up [61389]
by Jurgen Kress

Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "The age-old pursuit to improve work-life balance is taking on new importance in this intense, always-changing business environment. Type A personalities need some stress relief. Type B individuals seek work-life harmony. Employers see the productivity and talent attraction/retention benefits of keeping their people on a more even keel, while academics and consultants have built careers around showing people the way..."
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09 Mar 2017 A Lingerie Merchant And A Doorbell Inventor Walk Into A Room: A NetSuite Story [61384]
Oracle, March 9th, 2017

Chris Murphy writes in Forbes, "If you've read about the software company NetSuite recently, it probably had something to do with its $9.3 billion acquisition by Oracle. But to really understand NetSuite, and its future as part of Oracle, listen to how Lyn Lewis is growing a luxury lingerie business, Journelle, in today's brutal retail environment..."

"Retail's terrible, everyone's taking a bath right now," said Lewis. Yet Lewis, CEO of Journelle, is looking to add more brick-and-mortar to Journelle's omnichannel business model, which already includes three stores in New York and one in Chicago, in addition to "I believe in stores," she said during an Oracle NetSuite event at the New York Stock Exchange. "I'm looking for more stores."
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08 Mar 2017 Digital Tools Fine-Tune Colombian Bank's Marketing Machine [61385]
Oracle, March 8th, 2017

Sasha Banks-Louie writes in Forbes, "Colombia has one of the lowest adoption rates for consumer banking services in Latin America. In fact, bank loans make up only 45% of the country's GDP - more than 15 percentage points less than in neighboring Brazil and Chile, according to banking association Asobancaria. But that's about to change.

Bogota-based Banco Davivienda, the third-largest bank in Latin America, has spent the last two years creating customer segmentation models for more than 300,000 customers, 50% of whom have recently accepted offers for home mortgages, automotive loans, and a range of other banking products - up from 10% in 2013..."
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