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26 Jan 2017 Oracle Backing Startup Culture In English Tech Hub Of Bristol [60083]
Oracle, January 26th, 2017

Michael Hickins writes in Forbes, "This week Oracle introduced a new accelerator here to support a burgeoning startup culture with a mix of cloud computing resources and mentoring by Oracle executives.

"We're making a multimillion-dollar commitment to foster startups and innovation ecosystems," said Reggie Bradford, Oracle senior vice president of product development and a serial entrepreneur himself.

Marvin Rees, the mayor of Bristol, suggested during a press conference that although Bristol is a relatively small city, at 500,000 inhabitants, "we punch above our weight" when it comes to technology talent. In a separate interview, he said the city is putting its weight behind Oracle's cloud accelerator program because cities like Bristol need to take greater control of their economies when federal governments fail to make good on their promises. "It makes economic and political sense for us to do that," Rees said, and it 'makes economic planning more intentional."...
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26 Jan 2017 Top 5 CFO Priorities For 2017 [60084]
Oracle, January 26th, 2017

Margaret Harrist writes in Forbes, "Have the strategies that have served your finance organization and company become an anchor weight? Or are you confident that your business has the right financial people, processes, organizational structure, and technologies to compete into the future?

The answers to these questions are constantly morphing, as external factors change the competitive and regulatory landscape and varying degrees of internal complacency take hold..."
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25 Jan 2017 Palo Alto Networks Launches Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers [60086]
Actionable Advice, Insights and Best Practices From Cybersecurity Experts and Top Advisors on Risk, Leadership, Human Resources, Legal and Reputation Management

Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, has announced the publication of "Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers - United Kingdom." This guide will provide U.K. boards, executives and C-level officers at enterprises, government agencies and other organizations with practical, expert advice on how to raise the bar on cybersecurity.

As threats continue to grow in number and complexity, new EU legislation, in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive, provides a unique opportunity for business leaders to rethink how they can build state-of-the-art cybersecurity strategies and systems fit for current and future challenges. As such, the guide helps start necessary discussions and determine the next steps toward preventing cyber breaches and maintaining trust in our digital age.

Building on the success of the U.S. edition of the guide launched in October 2015 with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the U.K. edition was written in conjunction with U.K. thought leaders from the public and private sector, and published by Forbes.
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24 Jan 2017 Cloud Computing Therapy: Join Us For 4 Straight-Talk Sessions [60078]
Oracle, January 24th, 2017

Chuck Hollis writes in Forbes, "Several years ago, my wife decided to get an advanced degree in psychology, and she became a counselor. Along the way, I was duly impressed by the therapeutic power of simply talking about a problem in a constructive manner.

These days, I joke that I've become a 'cloud therapist' for many of the enterprise IT leaders I meet. They know they have a big challenge ahead of them; they just need to talk about it. I've been told that our conversations are usually helpful, which is gratifying..."
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23 Jan 2017 Beachbody Expanding While Its Customers' Waistlines Shrink [60077]
Oracle, January 23th, 2017

Michael Hickins writes in Forbes, "If you've never heard of Beachbody, that's OK - neither did its CIO, Eduardo Frias, until he interviewed with the company nearly three years ago. As he discovered, the Santa Monica, California-based exercise and nutritional supplement company has a lot more going on than you'd think.

Surprise: Beachbody's biggest competitors aren't gyms and nutritional supplement vendors. They're you and me, and our tendency to give up, slack off, or just plain lose interest in following an exercise regiment..."
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