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01 Aug 2017 Research Says People Will Learn More Than Ever At Oracle OpenWorld 2017 [65415]
By Jeff Erickson

Jeff writes in Forbes, "Oracle OpenWorld may be one of the world's largest annual business tech conferences, but this year the focus is on just you - namely, improving your individual journey on the path to greater learning.

For Oracle OpenWorld 2017, which takes place at San Francisco's Moscone Center this October 1-5, that means new session formats that foster deeper learning and retention through more active participation and collaboration among attendees, and more access to open meeting spaces..."
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31 Jul 2017 Gaps In The Electric Grid Aside, African Economies Are On The Rise [65416]
By Linda Currey

Linda writes in Forbes, "The African Development Bank Group recently wrapped up its 2017 annual meeting in Ahmedabad, India, with an optimistic assessment of the country's progress made in improving agriculture and ending hunger and poverty.

The group also noted its funding of the New Deal on Energy for Africa, a far-reaching partnership that aspires to bring electricity to the continent's most remote areas by 2025..."
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27 Jul 2017 UAE To Save Water By The Millions Of Gallons [65220]
By Sasha Banks-Louie, Forbes, July 27th 2017

Sasha writes in, Forbes, "The United Arab Emirates has long battled the sand and sea to provide fresh, clean, potable water for its residents. With a population that has more than doubled and an economy that has grown 93% since 2005, the UAE is on track to use more water per capita than almost any other nation on earth, according to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

But the UAE is starting to solve its water crisis, embracing the Internet of Things and enterprise software to increase the supply of fresh groundwater while reducing the amount of water it wastes..."
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26 Jul 2017 1,000 MPH Or Bust: Reams Of Data Drive Land-Speed-Record Attempt [65221]
By Rob Preston, Forbes, July 27th 2017

Rob writes in Forbes, "In our never-ending quest to go faster and farther, we humans have always liked the tidiness of round numbers. The ultimate speed and endurance test of yesteryear was to run a mile in under 4 minutes, a feat first achieved by Roger Bannister in 1954. Today it's a sub-2-hour marathon, once considered impossible but now within reach thanks to advances in conditioning, diet, and running gear.

Advances in engineered systems have allowed humans to conquer a different set of round numbers, like flying an aircraft faster than the speed of sound (Chuck Yeager, 1947) and taking a manned spacecraft to the moon and back (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, 1969)..."
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26 Jul 2017 Oracle And Open Source: 3 New Container Projects Show Company's Commitment [65222]
By Chris Murphy , Forbes, July 26th 2017

Chris writes in Forbes, "Containers have soared in popularity among developers for the simple reason that they make their lives easier. But the spirit of open source software is that there's always a way to improve, through a community of collaborators.

Count Vish Abrams and his team at Oracle among that community.

'The thing that excites me and keeps me motivated is constantly getting to deal with new challenges, new problems, and new technical spaces,' says Abrams, the former CTO of the OpenStack company Nebula and now an Oracle architect for cloud development..."
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