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08 Aug 2017 APN Outdoor Transforms Traditional Billboard Advertising With Cloud Computing [65523]
By Linda Currey Post, Forbes, August 8th, 2017

Linda Currey Post writes in Forbes, "APN Outdoor, the leader in 'outdoor advertising' in Australia and New Zealand, last year became the first company in the region to adopt Oracle ERP Cloud to drive its continued growth in a competitive market. Outdoor advertising includes classic and digital billboards; signs on buses, taxis, and trams; and advertisements in train stations and airports.

The IMARC Group, a consultancy firm, ranked outdoor advertising as a $37.7 billion business during 2016, with continued steady growth expected. Billboard use is particularly strong in the Pacific, where the Sydney-based APN Outdoor has been enjoying steady growth during the past five years..."
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08 Aug 2017 How Lloyds Banking Group Is Moving Finance To The Cloud [65522]
By Margaret Harrist

Margaret writes in Forbes, "When Matt Trager joined Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) five years ago, the organization was in the midst of delivering a multiyear transformation of its finance function. The goals were to replace the financial consolidation and accounting software as well as the general ledger.

After a long and challenging requirements-gathering phase, the cost estimates for required customizations of the planned on-premises finance system continued to rise - exacerbated by the ballooning cost for IT, consultants, and contractors..."
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07 Aug 2017 Oracle Hospitality Service Takes Guesswork Out Of Restaurant Service, Operations [65524]
By Rob Preston, Forbes, August 7th, 2017

Rob Preston writes in Forbes, "The restaurant business is a notoriously relentless one, with rising labor and food costs, perishable merchandise, ever-changing consumer tastes, and a wide range of other variables squeezing profit margins. The chains and individual restaurants that understand their customers, supply networks, and operations best stand to get a leg up on their competitors.

For that reason, it's an industry ripe for the insights delivered by advanced data analytics. But most operators aren't able to take on the considerable expense of finding and hiring scarce data experts or investing in a data processing infrastructure..."
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03 Aug 2017 Is The Global Economy On The Cusp Of A 'Super-Cycle' Breakthrough? [65413]
By Rob Preston

Rob writes in Forbes, "Every generation seems to think its economic future is at dire risk, from the Panic of 1893 to the present. OPEC-induced oil shocks and runaway inflation rattled consumer confidence in the 1970s. 'Japan Inc.' and other foreign competitors started menacing the Western manufacturing establishment a decade later, portending a shift in economic power and the birth of the 'Asian century.' The 1990s brought relative prosperity worldwide, only to collapse as the dot-com and, later, credit bubbles burst..."
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02 Aug 2017 Enterprise AI: Why Should You Care? [65414]
By Chuck Hollis

Chuck writes in Forbes, "Business leaders often tell me they feel barraged by technology vendors touting their latest shiny thing as 'disruptive' and 'game changing.' Some technologies, like internet and mobile, did turn out to be powerful forces that transformed how we do business. But other technologies, not so much.

As someone who has worked a full career at the intersection of business and technology, I've learned to be extremely judicious and selective when making my case for a new enterprise technology. And I do what I can to avoid hyping a trend..."
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