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20 Apr 2017 How One B2B Company Makes Complex Customer Self-Service As Easy As ABC [62682]
By Rick O'Herron

Rick writes in Forbes, "Building communications networks isn't for meek service providers. They need to configure the right copper, fiber, and equipment and services to carry the voice, video, and data workloads of today and tomorrow. It's a very high-touch process, and it can't really be done with a traditional, consumer-like ecommerce interface.

Or can it? Calix, a $500 million telecommunications product and solutions company, has identified several B2B customer self-service scenarios - such as when customers know precisely what they want - where it makes sense to do exactly that..."
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19 Apr 2017 Innovation Made Easy: The Cloud's Long-Term Value Proposition [62683]
By Chuck Hollis

Chuck Hollis writes in Forbes, "A staple of the tech trade press is The New Shiny Thing, that cool, mysterious new technology portrayed as both promising and threatening.

Big data. Deep analytics. Internet of Things. Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Blockchain. Chatbots. The list goes on. When we tire of one thing, something newer and shinier comes along.

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IT professionals usually take the time to understand the basic ideas behind these new shiny things, just in case some business colleague asks them. Most business people are looking for new ways to innovate, and all of these things might be winners - that is, if they were easier to consume.

But I'm here to argue that we'll see a lot less attention paid to new shiny things in the future than we've seen in the past..."
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18 Apr 2017 Oracle's Hurd: Answer The Questions That Really Matter To Your Business [62684]
By Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy writes in Forbes, "Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tries to avoid broad tech industry jargon like 'big data analytics.' Instead, as a CEO, he wants to hear about a real business problem and how data analysis helps solve it.

Like this question, which he's pushing his own teams to answer:

'What kinds of people succeed at Oracle?' Hurd asked, speaking to HR leaders on April 11 at the Oracle HCM World conference in Boston.

Oracle has hired tens of thousands of people over the past five years as it grows, adding to its a massive employee data set. Do recent grads from certain universities, with certain GPAs, tend to do better at Oracle, or does the success of such hires have more to do with the manager they're assigned? 'What common corollaries are there among the people who succeed?' Hurd asked..."
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13 Apr 2017 America's Cup Boats Draft Moore's Law Technology Curve [62443]
By Rob Preston, April 13th 2017

Rob writes in Forbes, "The boats that competed for the 32nd America's Cup, off Valencia, Spain, in 2007, weren't much faster than the ones Queen Victoria watched sail down the Solent strait during the first Cup race almost 170 years ago. But the yacht-technology advances of the last several years have been nothing short of astounding.

New craft-lifting, drag-reducing hydrofoils and wingsails, augmented by ultra-responsive control systems and space-age aerodynamics, have nearly quintupled boat speeds while improving maneuverability. The catamarans that will fly above water in the 35th America's Cup qualifiers, playoffs, and finals, to be held on Bermuda's Great Sound in May and June, will reach speeds exceeding 55 mph. Sammy Hagar should take note..."
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12 Apr 2017 Why CIOs Who Want To 'Grow The Business' Must Adopt Cloud [62444]
By Linda Currey Post,Oracle, April 12th 2017

Linda writes in Forbes, "CIOs looking to boost growth are replacing their legacy systems with ERP software that integrates the latest technologies so they can use them in their business activities when the time is right.

So says Steve Cox, Oracle vice president of ERP and EPM product marketing. According to Cox, the question is, 'Do you want to spend the majority of your IT budget to run the business or do you want to spend it to grow the business?'..."
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