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07 Oct 2010 Major Software Update for Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Series Appliances [23544]
Oracle Strongly Recommends Upgrade to 2010.Q3.1.0

There is a major software update for the Sun ZFS Storage 7000 series appliances. 2010.Q3.1.0 offers a number of new features and repairs multiple issues. It is supported on Sun Storage 7110, 7210, 7310, 7410, 7120, 7320, 7420, and the Sun Storage 7000 Simulator. Oracle strongly recommends upgrading to this latest edition. Users should note the first shipping release of 2010.Q3 software is 2010.Q3.1.0.
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27 Aug 2010 Some Background Information on Logzilla and Readzilla [23410]
Flash to the Rescue

As the title of his blog, "Fishworks history of SSDs," suggests, Adam Leventhal parts the curtain on some of the deliberations behind bringing the 7000-series enterprise storage solution to fruition. Finding it difficult to realize the desired storage capacity using 7,200 rpm disks, Fishworks turned to the new technology of flash storage. The first solution employing flash was Logzilla, he writes.
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29 Jul 2010 RAID-Z is Not RAID-5 [23335]
How Much of an Advance Is a Solution that Costs IOPS?

RAID-Z was designed as a software substitute for the expensive RAID card that has been used in traditional storage and, using its variable width stripes, to overcome the "RAID-5 write hole," writes Fishworks engineer Adam Leventhal in his blog "What is RAID-Z?" For all of that, however, Leventhal suggests that RAID-Z is not the mirror image of RAID-5.
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07 Jul 2010 Data Center Latency Identified With Visual Heat Map Analytics [23279]
Reading the Map: Lots of Info ... If You Know What to Look For

In "Visualizing System Latency," an article by Fishworks Engineer Brendan Gregg recently published in Communications of the ACM, the author recommends the use of heat imaging as a means to overcome the shortcomings in measuring latency in terms of averages and maximums. Heat maps, in contrast, enable the visualization of a distribution over time, he writes, adding that an additional benefit of using heat imaging is that one can also infer both average and maximum latency values.
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06 Jul 2010 Minor and Micro Update to Sun Storage 7000 2010.Q1 [23257]
Of Particular Importance for Deduplication Users

Minor and micro software releases for the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System have been published. The Sun Storage 7000 2010.Q1.2.0 and 2010.Q1.2.1, respectively, contain numerous bug fixes for the Sun Storage 7000 series appliances. For those using deduplication and access-based enumeration, 2010.Q1.20 is an update that should be installed. Fishworks, the engineering team behind the open storage product line Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System, strongly advises those using deduplication or contemplating using deduplication to upgrade.
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