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11 Mar 2009 OpenStorage News Bites [21474]
Short Items of Interest to the OpenStorage Community

  • Software Update for Sun Storage 7000 Series
  • The Latest on COMSTAR
  • CIFS Performance on Sun Storage 7410
  • Sun's Open Storage Appeal to Customers/Startups
  • What are the Key Drivers to Open Storage?
  • Integrated Fault Management
  • DIY OpenStorage Device and Configuration
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05 Mar 2009 Good News from Sun Marketing [21462]
March 2009

Each month Sun Marketing publishes the "Good News" about Sun. This month there are 13 items and three groups:

  • Customers Choose Sun: MySQL database and Cluster software, Sun Open Storage, Sun Fire servers, Solaris 10 OS, ZFS file system, OpenSSO Enterprise, Identity Management
  • Leading Market Conversations: Solaris OS, cloud computing, JavaFX Mobile software, free and open-source technologies
  • Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: Sun Storage 7210, JavaFX, 3, Sun Storage 7000 series

A two-page PDF of the "Good News" from Sun is available in English and several other languages.
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04 Mar 2009 Sun's Combination of Flash and ZFS Presents Unique Opportunity [21402]
Cache Translates as Cash in this Instance

When it comes to flash storage technology and to its ZFS file system, Sun has placed itself in a so-far unique market niche that allows the company to provide an attractive balance between cost and performance. The competition, on the other hand, is reduced to marketing flash as merely disk replacement, writes Paul Murphy in a ZDNet article on the subject.
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13 Feb 2009 SysAdmin News Bites - Space Calculator Tool, Disk Analysis Tool, Identity Manager & MySQL, Identity Management & Desktop Virtualization, How-tos on Desktop Virtualization & Solaris [21330]
Short News Items of Interest for SysAdmins

  • Space Calculator Tool
  • Free, Multi-platform Disk Analysis Tool
  • Sun Identity Manager Supports MySQL as a Production Repository
  • Sun Identity Management and Desktop Virtualization
  • How-tos on Desktop Virtualization and Solaris
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09 Feb 2009 Sun's Sharper Focus on Storage Makes for Tough Competitive Position [21264]
Lessons from the Linux Server Era: Don't Let It Happen Again

As if taking a lesson from the past, when Sun's margins declined in the face of competition from its rivals who offered commodity Linux servers, the company is intent on visiting the same strategy on its competitors in the storage market sector. Matt Asay comments on this phenomenon in a recent column in CNET.
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