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05 May 2009 First Major Software Update for the Sun Storage 7000 Series [21772]
Download Complete Binary Image for the 7110, 7210, and 7410 Unified Storage Systems

The first major software update for the Sun Storage 7000 series (2009.Q2.0.0) has been released with new features, technology improvements, bug fixes and added support of virtual machines that should interest users of the Sun Storage 7000 simulator, which also has a new update.
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30 Mar 2009 Appliance Analytics Heat Maps Especially Useful for I/O Latency [21525]
Fishworks Engineer Brendan Gregg Discovers a Pterodactyl with DTrace

Fishworks engineer Brendan Gregg, who has written previously about Analytics in the Sun Storage 7000 Series, here blogs on its I/O latency features. I/O latency, he writes, is the time to service and respond to an I/O request. Given that clients are often waiting for this to complete, it is often the most interesting metric for performance analysis -- more so than IOPS or throughput. Since graphing average I/O latency can result in misleading results, Gregg chooses instead to provide I/O latency as a heat map.
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26 Mar 2009 Testing File System Compression on the Sun Unified Storage System 7000 [21529]
It's Free and Part of ZFS So Why Not Use It?

While built-in filesystem compression might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread in blogger Dave Pacheco's view, he does assert that it is far superior to using an external appliance between storage and clients to do the job. In his blog "Compression on the Sun Storage 7000" he presents the results of an experiment that demonstrates the utility of the built-in compression feature of ZFS.
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19 Mar 2009 Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System Draws High Praise from InfoWorld [21403]
Most Bang for the Buck in Its Class

In the eyes of InfoWorld's Paul Venezia, the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System is a winner. The combination of 48 drives, SSD log storage, broad protocol support, ZFS, and amazing GUI make for one great filer, he writes, labeling the solution "a tank in every sense of the word,"... that carves out a niche for itself in a wide variety of infrastructures.
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12 Mar 2009 Sun's Hybrid Storage Pool Trumps EMC's Use of Flash Devices [21447]
Fishworks Engineer Takes Up the Cause

Fishworks Engineer Adam Leventhal takes issue graciously with Storage Anarchist blogger Barry Burke's interpretation of Sun's recent pronouncements on flash memory as suggesting the technology is not well suited to the server product line. Not so, Leventhal insists, conceding that Sun has not always made the clearest of statements regarding its position on flash.
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